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Gen 1 Charging Cable i used w/o issue since 2015 now keeps tripping Breaker

Hi All, I have used a Generation 1 Tesla charging cable since 2015 (2015 Model S) with 14-50 plug. Now my car is 2021 Y but I still use the old Gen 1 cable. Never had an issue. After last car software upgrade, the cable which never gets disconnected or moved started tripping the electrical panel breaker. In the car, it shows set to charge at 48 Amps but I always have the car set to charge at 35-38 Amps. I used a SC today so I know the car takes a charge. I believe the breaker is 50 amp. Unsure if my cable has gone bad or does the car revert to calling for a 48 amp charge and that trips it each time? Has anyone experienced a similar issue. In addition, I broke out the charging cable that came with the '21 Y and found it needs the 14-50 connection, which I presume new cars do not come with. The Telsa store is out of stock of that cable.
or does the car revert to calling for a 48 amp charge and that trips it each time?
That has nothing to do with it. When the cars are not plugged into anything, the display will just default back to showing the maximum the car's onboard charger can take, which is 48A. It's never actually trying to use that much from this cable. The cable with the 14-50 plug is announcing the 40A maximum as what is available, and the car won't request more than that.

This is really just something gone a little broken or defective somewhere. It could be the cable finally gone bad, or maybe something in the wiring connections in the outlet. You'll have to start switching things to eliminate variables. If you've been using an old Gen1 mobile connect at its full (optimistic) rating of 40A all the time, then it wouldn't surprise me if it has finally gone out. I have a Gen1 cable like that I've been using since early 2014, but I keep the car turned down to about 30 or 31A to keep it cooler and less thermal cycling than running it at 40A all the time.
Thx all. If there were a 14-50 connection for the Gen 2 cable available, I would order but its out of stock so many times. Until I opened the cable pouch on the '21 Y the other day, didn't even know that section was no longer supplied
Has anyone had any experience using this type of cable to convert 14-50 to 6-50 which Tesla has in stock for Gen 2 NEMA. https://www.amazon.com/RVMATE-Welder-Adapter-Electrical-Converter/dp/B08HGJD6Z7/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3MG1461WYYIWU&keywords=14-50+to+6-50&qid=1656437578&s=automotive&sprefix=14-50+to+6-50,automotive,42&sr=1-5
14-50 6-50.jpg
This will work.
It would be better to change the outlet to a 6-50 and just stuck a wire nut on the neutral.
This is probably true but the adapter should work fine as well. I do recommend dialing down the current down to about 30 amps, then bringing it up incrementally while checking to verify that none of the connectors are getting hot.
As far as coming with the Gen2 cars, some of the first Model 3's came with the 14-50 adapter. I believe that after all of the first-day orderers got their cars, Tesla stopped including the 14-50 adapter as standard but allowed folks to buy it as an optional accessory.