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Germany says we are wrong....

According to Germany.. the combination of the ecological cost of producing the Tesla Vehicle, Batteries, and electricity to recharge them is greater than the use of diesel...

So trying to wrap my head around their concepts, there is a few things to consider.

Tesla, from my understanding, has created a fully self sufficient warehouse/production line with enough solar panels to likely power a nearby city, and all of their machines internally are electrical (no other fuel sources).

That said, the batteries are produced elsewhere (if I had to guess, Samsung seems to be on top of their game with the best cells for Lithium). How much Co2 Emissions are created with the creation of each cell? Is this where Germany is saying the vehicle is more costly? I can't see how building a Tesla costs any more or less than any other type of vehicle, outside of the fuel cell. Anyone know how Germany came to this conclusion?

The only thing I can think of is that maybe what they use to generate electricity, power plant wise (for charging our cars) vs. what we use could be different?