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Input welcome - RPMtesla wood veneer console overlay

Hi community - I need some ideas.

I bought RPM Tesla’s “real wood” console overlay last summer. Got it installed. Had some adherence issues, mostly solved by clamps, and creative levering where I cant clamp. However, one area I thought I had nixed keeps popping up, no pun intended. See attached. These two corners have decided they wont stay down. Marked A and B.

The first idea I’m soliciting for is: how to clamp those two corners down without disassembling the entire center console to get that one door out? I’ve tried scuba weights, dumbbells, and even magnets (lid is too thick to work)

Barring that - I’m wondering if I should just heat gun it loose, strip the double sided tape, and use some kind of glue (also reversible with a heat gun) to fix the damn thing in place. Glue suggestions welcome too.

I love the look and feel of it, otherwise I’d choose some other overlay.


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Well, it turned out I found some damage I hadn't noticed in the overlay on the section over the cupholders. How it happened, I have zero clue.

So ... ripped all three pieces out, and ordered some Tesmanian covers in gray. Sigh. Loved the look of the wood, hated the warping I could never eliminate.