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Installed my wheel arch liner

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Sep 4, 2018
Bought this wheel arch liner:
1 Pair Front Wheel Arch Soundproof Cotton Protective Pad For Tesla Model 3 17-19 | eBay

Took a long time getting here. Installation took a little over an hour. No instructions. Pretty obvious how to install it, though it's not clear from the images that the liner fits OVER the existing plastic wheel arch liner. It doesn't replace it, it fits over. My concern was whether the included clips would be long enough. Turns out they are longer than the OEM clips. My hope is that the sandwich of existing plastic liner with additional fabric liner will reduce the sound coming from the wheel area. I drove it about 10 miles on the highway after installation, and it seems quieter. Probably mostly placebo, but placebo works for me.

So, jack up the front corner, and remove the wheel. Remove the 15 or 16 plastic clips. You don't need to take out the plastic wheel liner in order to do the install, but I did, just to look behind it. Here's the view. No pedestrian speaker.

And with the liner installed, OVER the existing plastic liner. Very easy to do. You actually have enough clips to fill any empty spots, where Tesla decided not to fit a clip.

The only tricky spot. You have to remove that small hex bolt. Can't remember if it's 11mm or 12mm. When you do, you'll see that the liner is tucked under the plastic undertray, and there's one clip that's hidden. It's all obvious once you remove the bolt. It's not difficult, other than the clip is hidden.
Oh man, what happens when it rains or you go through mud?
The fabric material is the same as the rear wheel well. The fronts had plastic, which seemed like it would resonate more. Go ahead, tap the inside of your wheel arches. Loud and hollow plastic sound. I thought the sandwich of the two liners might muffle the sound. I drove thru rain the day after install. No issues, not that I expected any.
Looks good. Hard to know how it will look on a car but the edges look nice and clean. How obvious is the addition of the liner when the wheel/tire i mounted and the car on level ground?
Not noticeable at all. Unfortunately, I haven't taken a picture. The closest thing I have is a pic of a compact spare that I mounted while the car was jacked up. But of course, I was taking the pic from tire level, cause I wanted to see how well the spare mounted.
I'm confused--do you have mud flaps behind your front wheels as well?

I ask as the vendor's pics show these sort of stick out on the aft edge and are not flush.

Has anyone else got some pics?
Yes, I have the CF mudflaps. They do look kinda weird from this angle, but it's probably optical distortion. Here are some pics from Spring when I first installed them, f
irst two are fronts, last two are rears.
Looks good. Hard to know how it will look on a car but the edges look nice and clean. How obvious is the addition of the liner when the wheel/tire i mounted and the car on level ground?
Dunno if this is what you were looking for, but I took a pic today. It's obviously in shadow, and the liner is charcoal colored, so you don't really see anything, as you would expect.
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Holding up just fine. As time passes, you adapt to your car, so it's hard to say definitively if something helps or not. All I can say is I think they help, but all the little things I've done, have helped a little. I think as the seasons change, they may be more helpful, as I expect the fabric to deaden the sound of road debris hitting the inside of the wheel well. Fall/Winter and Spring have more road debris around here than Summer, so I think the sound deadening would be more effective. But it's hard to prove the absence of something.
Thank you sir. I understand what you are saying and definitely agree with you assessment regarding road debris.
My Chevy Volt came with them and us quieter than the Tesla so I will give them a try.
The Volt also has a type of padding at the back of the quarter panel ahead of the space between the door.
I may also try to emulate that too.
Could someone that doesn't have mud guards on their Model 3 please post pictures of these liners installed?

It appears they stick out a bit, sort of like not having your trousers pulled up all the way, and that would bother me to no end.

Elon: Would you please replace the hard, plastic, NOISY, wheel arch liners with something appropriate for cars costing $40k to $60k+?

Nothing sticks out... the liners tuck under the fender lip where applicable.

From a side or dead on, even up close, these look as flush and as OE as the originals.

Also best to use alternative fastner clips... especially if thinsulate or anything else gets sandwitched between the liners.

Screenshot_20191123-224814_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191123-224825_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191123-224926_Gallery.jpg
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