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Is it worth it?

I'm looking at a used 2018 Model 3 Performance.
It has 19k miles.
Red exterior with white interior.

The price is $49,600.

I don't know yet what AP version (AP, EAP, FSD) it has yet but I am going to find out tomorrow.

Would it be worth $49k if it was just AP?
What would you do?
Buy or pass?
that does not appear to be enough of a discount relative to new for a car with 19k miles to me.

EDIT: Just checking, a brand new, white Model 3 performance comes in at 55,900, and thats with the performance pack upgrade. No way in !@#%$!@#%$ I think a used one with 19k miles is worth only 7k less than a brand new one, considering that a new one has a 1750 tax credit, and any other local credits you might qualify for.
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The only thing I think would make a difference is if it had full self-driving enabled.
Agree or disagree?

Thanks for your feedback.

Wouldnt make a difference to me, as I would rather have a new car without FSD than one thats a year old with 19k miles on it, with FSD. I say this as a person who has FSD on my car.. I purchased it with enhanced autopilot, and then added FSD during the 2k firesale, so I have paid 7k for FSD features.

I still value the new car more than getting a used one with FSD for that price.
I contemplated getting a used performance but decided to order the exact one I wanted....now its the waiting game .
I dont think that is a good deal for that price . id also be surprised if it had fsd for that price but still wouldnt go for it.