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Join the team to make car racing history - first electric car to win amateur endurance road race

In what $500 car should we put the Model 3 drive system?

  • Toyota Prius

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  • Honda Insight

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  • Pontiac Fiero

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  • Borgward Isabella

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Join the team to make car racing history - the first to win an amateur endurance road race in an electric car! Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID 82-4249113).

Fiero Libre, the storied 24 Hours of Lemons luchador car racing team (8 years of experience), wishes to trade in it's 1987 Pontiac Fiero for an electric race car and become Modelo 3 Libre! We are so very tired of wrenching on our crap can Fiero (it just keeps always breaking you see) and our uncle Elonzo Muñoz from Xaltianguis says electric is the future and we must, you know, save the planet and the butterflies. We will build an electric race car and race it in the 24 Hours of Lemons! Will you please join our noble dream and give to this worthy cause? Viva la carreras de coches eléctricos de aficionado revolución! Send us all your money and we will win for you, lower the sea levels and buy you a beer. OK, thank you very much! GoFundMe!

The luchadores, the EV Riders Car Club and EVil Genius Racing will build the race car.

Click here to support Modelo 3 Libre organized by Modelo 3 Libre


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Rules: Prices & Rules - 24 Hours of LEMONS

  • 3.L.1 Talk to Lemons HQ in Advance. For your EV car to be eligible, you must confer with Lemons HQ before starting fabrication or filing a race registration.
  • 3.L.2 EVs Present Unique and Additional Risks. Full-EV vehicles may expose you and others–including track and rescue personnel–to unique, unexpected, and/or unusual dangers of fire, electrocution, poisoning, increased risk of illness, and other extremely bad things. EVs should only be built, maintained, repaired, and/or operated by those with sufficient expertise to recognize and avoid these and all other EV-related hazards.
  • 3.L.2 Pikes Peak is Smarter Than Us. All full-EV vehicles must meet all PPIHC safety rules for electric cars. See PPIHC 2018 Rule Book, effective 1 November 2017, section 126.
  • 3.L.2 Electric Drive Components Exempt.
    • 3.L.2.a All EV-drive-system chargers, batteries, motors, controllers, connectors, and cables do not count toward the $500 price limit. (To inquire about price exemptions for other EV drive-system components and almost certainly be rejected, contact Lemons HQ.)
    • 3.L.2.b All mechanical components adapted from ICE vehicles for your build (examples include motor mounts, transmissions, differentials, driveshafts, and suspension components) do count toward the $500 price limit.
  • 3.L.3 Win Five and a Half Tons of Money. The first full-EV racecar to win a Lemons endurance race outright will receive a purse of one million nickels. Which is also $50,000. Which is also five and a half tons of money. Which will also arrive at your shop in a dump truck."
Charging: DC Fast Charging and battery swapping.