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Looking for a Gen 3 wall connector

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I have one for sale. Been used for prob 6 months. Like new condition with Elon Signature sticker on it.
18ft cord.
$440.00 shipped.
Did they make a level 3 with the signature on it? Also, I love the “face” of the supercharger! Is that a vac formed piece? Did you make it?
Also, what is the box on the left?
Cool stuff.
No Tesla did not make a Gen 3 signature. I put the stickers on there. The big box is a powerwall battery back up for my home.
The supercharger is a vinyl sticker that is life size.

Here are the links if you want to buy:
Signature stickers:
Tesla Elon Musk Signature Vinyl Sticker Decal Autograph | Etsy

Supercharger decal:
Tesla Supercharger Decal Sticker vinyl 66x30 Lifesize Charger HPWC | eBay
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