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Looking into OEM suspension part numbers

2019 Model 3, range, RWD. I've always felt the suspension in this car is rather harsh. I started to study the parts catalog for front damper assemblies and rear coils and dampers. I put my car in the air and recorded all suspension part numbers. All the components have the designation E1D. I then verified that these part numbers exist in the catalog. Does anyone know what E1D means. I've read that D usually indicates dual motor. Here is my rear coil part number, Ay idea what these codes indicate? Thanks.
RR SPRING ASSY, COIL 66.5-6860 E1D1044082-00-A
Not sure what RR means, (rear motor, rear drive?)
No Idea what 66.5-6860 means
No idea what E1D means.
Here is a related thread from last summer... with some Exx answers: Tesla Parts Catalog, E1, E2, E3? Nomenclature/models

Beyond that good luck tracking down more details sincr Tesla is not very open (or concious) when it comes to sharing their part number naming scheme details or VIN decode details with end users...

Instead, they simply want to type in your VIN, have their system spit out OE or current/latest part numbers applicable for your VIN, they perhaps sell these and only these to you.