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Model 3 dent repair in New York City (Brooklyn / Long Island City), paying myself?


I get the sense from other responses but don't ask, don't get…

I managed to scape the rear passenger side door (on a concrete pillar in Whole Foods underground parking lot—there is some buried rage about this but not relevant!) sort-of trivially as the dent is maybe 1" long, but it bent the metal right on the fold and went through the paint.

I have used Precision Auto Works in LIC (Queens) before and they are excellent, but the last ding on someone else's insurance, on the same door as it happens, and also in a (different) supermarket, was c.$2,400 for a dent the size of a quarter from some kid kicking his own door into mine (i.e., trivial), that didn't affect the paint, so while I haven't been up there yet, I can guess this will be more. Ideally, I would prefer to pay cash and not have this follow me through my insurance premiums for years to come; my deductible is $1,000 so I guess a bit more than that is a likely break-even.

Does anyone have a recommendation for somewhere that is perhaps a little less gold-plated but has got a cosmetic job done well, ideally that I can get to and from easily enough from Williamsburg (the one in Brooklyn…) to drop off and pick up?

If Precision is the answer, then it is: but thought I would ask…

Had good luck with Malibu in Coney Island for a scrape/paint repair-

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