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Model 3 interior fabric dented/ripped after minor bump. How can I repair?

So, while literally taking a tesla service advisor for a ride to show them my seat is "popping" when accelerating or braking, I lifted my laptop I was carrying to move it to the back seat from the front seat in preparation for the drive. In doing so, I bumped the corner of the laptop on the center beam that separates the two panes of glass on top of the car. I thought nothing of it at first, but noticed a black scuff and what appeared to be a dent! After taking some distilled water and a microfiber cloth to the dent, I cleaned up the "smudge" OK, but noticed that the fabric actually did dent and tear! Now I have this slight enough eyesore (that passengers probably wouldn't notice unless I pointed it out) in the middle of my car's ceiling that I can only anticipate getting worse over time.

First, I am appalled that the fabric lining the interior of my expensive model 3 performance is this delicate. I literally bumped the corner of a Think Pad laptop that has a rubber exterior light enough on the ceiling to not even think anything of it, and now I have a seemingly permanent blemish in my 3 week old Tesla. :(

Anyways, my main point of asking is to see if this off-white interior fabric that lines the upper portions of my car are repairable. Any recommendations on this so I don't sit and constantly worry about it? I am one of those guys that baby their latest tech gadgets (except when passing a laptop to the backseat apparently) and I am still in the honeymoon period for the car, so I'm really agitated and would love to at least know that the interior, weak-a** fabric is at least repairable.