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Navigation not updating arrival time/estimate

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this in navigation--ETA info is not updating/not accurate (at all)--with 5.8 miles left in my trip the time estimate is 37 minutes until arrival? Have seen this happen a couple of times now--am I doing something wrong/interpreting this data incorrectly?


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Yep, same here. I pay pretty close attention to this so I think it is a bug introduced in the latest software update—it just started happening for me about 10 days ago (I've had my Y since December).

It doesn't happen on every trip, but does seem to consistently happen on trips that start at a supercharger and end at my home or another non-supercharger destination.
Happened to me 2x last week--both times departing from the same supercharger, but headed in opposite directions. Photo was from my trip home--was cutting it close on range as we had super high winds that day. Hope this gets fixed--wondering if it might cause a failure of battery preconditioning if the destination is a supercharger, that would be doubly annoying.