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New here and looking for advice on potetial buy

That's some pretty high mileage. The motor/battery warranty on that vehicle will expire at 125k miles, and unless they bought the 4 year 50k mile extended warranty, the bumper to bumper warranty is gone (and will be soon if they did purchase that). Personally, I don't think I would pay that much for a 2013 S60 with 94k miles.
For a 60 thats to high
Dont worry about miles, i have 113k on mine.
85kw goes about 250 miles on charge, 60 is very short, ask tesla if you can upgrade to 70
A 2013 S60 can't be upgraded without replacing the battery pack (not economically realistic). S60s seem to have a range of 180-200 miles. Whether that is short or not depends on the individualsi driving habits. I've had a Nissan Leaf for almost for years now, loving with an 80 mile range. So 180+ would be huge to me. :)