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New member from the Netherlands

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New Member
Jun 15, 2022
Hello everyone, new member here. My name is Ivo and I live in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. I have ordered my Model Y Long Range this week and I thought it was the time to create an account and introduce myself.

I've been following Tesla since the Model S came to the US market, so around 2012. And I have always wanted to own one. I have driven a couple of times in a Model S (friends, rental, etc.) but I'm looking very much forward to owning my own.

I have a small family (girlfriend, kid and dog) and we have a caravan which we take on holidays. My current car is in its last year of lease, so we were looking for a replacement. When I got my current car, I swore to myself that my next car would be electric. But when you need to tow a caravan, the options become limited. The Model 3 can't tow my caravan and there's not a lot of cars on the market that can. In the end, the choice was between an EV-6, the Ioniq 5 and the Model Y. I like my cars loaded with options, so the price difference of the Kia and Hyundai was too small for me to pass on the option of finally owning a Tesla😎 Also, my son loves the games and Toybox on the Tesla☺️ And the Tesla is better in the areas I find important (drive, tech, gadgets, looks and ease of use; keys are so 2021).

So now the wait has started. My planned delivery now is November - January, so I have a few months to kill.

I'll try to be an active member, I'm interested in finding out how everyone else is using his or her Tesla and what kind of accessories are being used. So if anyone has tips on accessories that I need from day one, please feel free to tell me😁

My config is:
Tesla Model Y Long Range
Pearl White
19" Gemini wheels
Black interior
5 seats
Standard autopilot
Tow hitch