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Powerwall Operation Strategies for PG&E Net Generators

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With regards to Minimum Delivery Charges (MDCs) and being a Net Generator, my MDCs appear to be a little less than $12/month or about $140/year. These accrue over the year and can be used to offset Non-Bypassable Charges (NBCs) at true-up. So if the NBCs are about $0.03/kWh then I should target drawing about 4667 kWh over the year. If I draw less it won't lower my bill any and if I draw more then I have to pay the additional NBCs. Is this all correct?

The California Climate Credit will be about $85 this year if you don't have PG&E natural gas. This credit goes directly against your MDCs and can be used to pay them. However, the CCC does not effect the MDCs I owe. I.e., I would not subtract $85 from the $140 and now be targeting 1833 kWh at true-up, correct?
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