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Prospective Buyer

I currently drive a 2016 M3 competition and have been thinking about replacing it with a new Model S LR. This would be quite a change so I'm having trouble making a decision. I'd love to hear pluses and minuses from others who have made a similar switch. The other big question is timing. Even Elon Musk seems to admit that the first six months of production may not be the best time to buy a new model Tesla in terms of quality issues. Do you think it's too soon to buy the new and improved Model S? I'd especially appreciate hearing from anyone who has one of the 2021 models. But even if you don't, I'd value your thoughts based on experience with the brand. Thanks.
I have a sub 500 VIN model X and it’s been fantastic. I actually think best time to buy is super early OR after six months or so - but not during that ramp. They’re paying more attention super early, though one could say that’s not true with the Y. I wouldn’t worry either way.

I came from a 2009 M3 when I bought my first S in 2012. Never looked back. I miss the engine sound though. You’ll have to decide what’s right for you, but the S is fantastic with respect to performance and it’s electronics/infotainment is a lot more intuitive and helpful than BMW. That said, I’ve always said the only ICE I’d ever drive now would be another M3! The biggest change would be size. A 3 performance would really be more comparable. An S is very big. Like a 7 series. It performs more like an M5, but it’s big.
I used to be a hard core ICE performance car fanatic - I didn't come from an ME however.

After driving an S , there was no turning back. It's just on another level in terms of the drivetrain smoothness, instantaneous and effortless insane levels of torque.

It's as if your brain is directly connected to the wheels. You think and you move.
The two biggest concerns I’d have on the new S would be steering wheel and lack of stalk for adjusting direction; the latter being my largest concern. I’d want to see how that goes before stepping in. My bet is that they put a software option for adjusting direction into MCU. Perhaps that’s been done, I haven’t kept up fully with the latest as I’m not planning to step in the near future. Great car though. I enjoy it every day.
If you have time and patience, I would wait for a few
Months after refreshed model deliveries so that some of the issues with the new release can be ironed out at factory.

I had to turn in my leased vehicle on February 10th. I really would like to have my new car. Currently driving my wife’s MB E450 which is very luxurious and comfortable, but I want my New S yesterday.