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Question about disaster planning - until the backlog is cleared.

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Does anyone have an idea as to how this situation would work?

I'm a non-owner, line-waiter, waiting for my configuration invite. Let's say I get my invite, configure my car and a few weeks later, I'm a happy Tesla Model 3 owner.

A week or two into my ownership, some drunken nutjob runs a red light and smashes into me. i'm ok thanks to the car's safety features, but the car is totalled. All that's left is the check from my insurance company, which will pay off the note but I'm pretty sure I won't have as much left over as my initial down payment (thanks to depreciation).

Will I have to wait a YEAR for a replacement Model 3? Or would I be treated as a prior Tesla owner and be able to order/configure immediately, as some 2018 Model S buyers did in February?
I'd call Tesla and ask them directly. From what's been reported it sounds like owner priority is over for new reservations so, in theory you might have to wait. On the other hand Tesla does seem to go out of their way at times to "do the right thing" so you may be able to get a replacement pretty quickly.
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