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Rare Find - 2013 P85+ Only 8600 Mile

Hi Forum,

I am new to forum and Tesla. So I have a very low mileage Mercedes S560 AMG and was looking for a 2nd car to use as a commuter car for work (60 miles round trip). I knew I wanted a Model S P85 because of the room; it has a driver's dash and an 85K battery. So I ventured to look for a low-mileage P85, and my budget was between $30K-$35K. Well, I think I lucked out and found a rare find/deal.

I end up finding and buying a 2013 P85+ with only 8600 original miles with the following specs:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Sunroof
  • Performance Plus Pkg
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • 21" Silver Turbine wheels (Staggered) w/Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires (6/32 thread on all tires)
  • Black leather/Suede seats with red piping
  • Carbon Fiber interior
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Cream Alcantar headliner
  • Sub-zero package
  • Tech Package
  • Rear Face Jump Seats
  • Premium high-fidelity sound
  • Twin onboard Chargers (I see 80A)
  • High Power Charger
  • Free Unlimited Supercharging
  • Premium Connectivity Free Unlimited
  • Clean Carfax (1 owner)
The car is basically new, with no wear and tear on either the interior or exterior. I charged the car to 100% to check the battery's health, and the estimated range was 260 (I will cap the charge at 80%) Again, the all tire thread is between 6/32 and 7/32.

So here is the back story of why this 2013 P85+ has exceptionally low mileage. This car belonged to Dan, and Tanya Synder, the owners of the Washington Redskins, and they kept it garaged as he is a car collector. (The profile on the screen still said Tanya.) The owner of the Dealership (VA/DC area) where I brought the car had to reach out to (Dan/Tanya to remove ownership; the transfer took 24 hours to be assigned to me.

With tags and tax, I paid $39,900 (actually $36,500,. So the questions I have for the forum are:

  • Was this a good price? I checked KBB it has it in the $42K-$46K
  • Is there anything else I should be checking for?
  • I would love to her some thoughts
My only concern is there is no warranty, but I figured with the low miles, wear and tear and who previously owned it, it was worth a taken a chance. It was driven over 9 years, so I assume if something needed to be replaced, it would have already. I have an appointment with Tesla on 12/23 to check the car, so I will see if I can get the Tesla Service history. I have driven it for a week now and can't find any issues, and the handling is superb (Remember, I am coming from a 2020 S560 AMG line that I refuse to part with). I bit the Tesla bug, and thus far, I am impressed and don't regret it. (at least not yet 🤨 )
  • I will be doing the MCU2 upgrade.
Thanks to all in advance, and indulging me in this long post!

Here is a Flickr video of the car and below are some pictures