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Recommendations: Bay Area Dent Removal on a Tesla

Dear All,

I had a rather bad road-debris impact with an unknown object, going 35mph on Bryant St. in San Francisco, around 6:30am. I would guess it was bigger than a standard pebble and could have been construction debris from the SOMA cranes above. It left about a 1-inch dent + scratch on the hood and a chip + scratch marks on the windshield on the ricochet. It was quite loud on impact.

Can anyone recommend a good dent removal provider in the Bay Area? Has anyone worked with a provider who is comfortable with Tesla aluminum for NPR work? I live on the Peninsula and work in SF, but I travel enough all over the Bay for work that I'm flexible on location. Here are some photos of the damage:


- K
That sucks, K. I've used the services of these guys recently (not on the Tesla) and they did an excellent job; they did tell me that they've done work on Teslas as well - don't know if they do dent repair though:

Yelp Captcha

Would recommend getting a quick consult from Chilton's in San Carlos though as they are The certified collision repair shop for Tesla in the Bay Area.
Thanks, GG. I did talk to Chilton in person and they said they won't do this kind of dent repair work. They said the only thing they can do, is to take the entire hood panel off, re-shape it, then paint it. Yikes. A dent repair will really do the trick since the scratch part has been mostly buffed out and only the light-reflection will reveal the dent. Coincidentally, Chilton SF was so nice about this, they were the ones who buffed out the scratch FOR FREE before recommending a dent repair guy.

Will report back if I find L&M, or others, to be able to do this.

- K
I had similar experience. Had my car for less than a month, and a huge pinecone drops on my hood while in a drive-through. One inch dent very visible on hood. After reading lots of yelp reviews for paintless dent removal in the south bay, I contacted Dent Discount Mobile. Exchanged photos by email, then scheduled soonest appointment a month out! The guy is a perfectionist, and slowly worked the aluminum hood. Whole thing took less than an hour, and I can no longer find the spot!
Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. I went with Dent Discount Mobile ( $39 Dent Discount Mobile - Paintless Dent Repair Bumper Dent Removal Body Shop in San Jose ) with Ken and he was totally awesome. Here's what I liked:

- Easy to book through email
- Ken has extensive experience working on Teslas. Not only was he a pro with working aluminum, he knew exactly how to take the Tesla trim apart and put it back together.
- He is a total professional and met me in my office parking lot and did it while I was at work
- The job was so perfect, I couldn't find the spot where the dent was after

Here are my before and after pictures:

before 1.jpg

Before 2.jpg


After 1.jpg

After 2.jpg

Here are the Yelp reviews for DD Mobile: Yelp Captcha

I would highly recommend this service ... I can't believe the Tesla is like new again after a huge 1-inch dent! Ken did great.

- K
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