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  1. W

    Involved in an Accident with Model 3 - 2023 | Need opinion and tips on handling claim

    I am new to this club and forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section. (USA/Texas) Last week, I was involved in an accident with Model 3 and still haven't made a claim with Tesla Insurance, while I am working with the involved party's insurance investigation. Who do you guys think is at...
  2. M

    US Model S software 2023.20.7 no FSD?

    Hi all, I just downloaded software 2023.20.7 on ym model s of about 2 months old. This was supposed to be the version with FSD beta but on the autopilot options it is still grayed out. I came from software paths 2023.10 which doesn't have FSD beta in it, but I thought when I finally got 2023.20...
  3. M

    New model X FSD and park assist questions

    Hello all! Just picked up a new model X in USA region and I wonder if anyone can clarify some of the missing features ? It is running 2023.6.11.2 which seems to be the latest software in mass distribution (6.15 I think is still limited release). FSD beta says it's coming in a future update...
  4. M

    Ordering a Model 3 in Texas vs. Ontario (Canada)

    Hi, I'm looking to order a Model 3 and the delivery date is looking like Sept - Dec 2022. However, I'm relocating from Ontario to Texas in October 2022. If I placed an order in Ontario, Canada, will I be allowed to take delivery in Texas if I have already left? I am of course happy to pay the...
  5. A

    Trade in US model 3 for Taiwan delivery?

    Family wants to be move back to Taiwan, but we love our Model 3 Performance. Does anyone have experience finding a freight forwarder in US that is still willing to bring vehicles to Taiwan? Preferably from Texas or California? If not, I have been thinking if it was possible to trade-in our...
  6. D

    Differences between US and EU Roadsters?

    I was looking to purchase a new car and a Tesla roadster caught my eye on GruberMC being right in my price range of 70-75,000 but it is in Norway. I just wanted to ensure that the car would be street legal in the USA. As luck would have it, I know someone who is aware of the importing standards...
  7. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  8. Z

    Retrofitting European spec modem for US Model 3

    Hi, I’ve purchased an imported 2018 US Model 3 with HW2.5 and EAP here in Jordan (P.S: we can only order S&X officially from Tesla Jordan, M3 still not available for ordering) I’ve had the car for nearly a year now and it’s been flawless apart from couple of error messages like the visuals...
  9. uscgreel

    Repair locations listed by state

    Over the past month I have been working with evfixme, and people like David Hofmann, Tom French, Paul Garcia, Your Tesla Solution to name a few to consolidate a list of people willing and able to make most Tesla repairs. If you need any repairs to your Tesla, check out our growing list...
  10. FrForget

    Currently living in Canada, I want to buy a US Model 3 because I’m going to live in the US

    Hello everyone, I’m currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I’m currently looking forward in buying a Tesla Model 3. That said, I am going to work in the United States next July and since a Tesla can’t be imported from country to country I want to get my hand on a US Model 3 so I can...
  11. RTPEV

    cars.com American Made Index -- Where is Tesla?

    Why aren't Tesla's vehicles (especially the Model 3) on this list? https://www.cars.com/articles/cars-coms-2019-american-made-index-whats-the-most-american-car-404547/ Is it because Tesla's cars really don't have as much American content as I would think they do (and have been told they do)...
  12. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Windsor, CA (LIVE 5 Nov 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    Town of Windsor Permit Applications Received 2018-10-01 to 2018-10-31 [PDF] According to Windor's building permit tracking site, permit B18-0481 is still under review after the initial submittal was returned in mid November with comments/revisions needed. From the address, the supercharger...
  13. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Lisbon, CT

    Tesla to install new superchargers at Lisbon Landing shopping mall, right off 395 in Lisbon, CT. Supposedly, a building permit has already been issued, but if so they've had it for a while now (maybe since the beginning of fall) and I don't think there's been any activity on it yet. Address...
  14. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Farmingdale/Wall Township, NJ

    Initial Site Plan approval by the Wall Township Board of Adjustments was granted in September 2018 for an 8 stall supercharging station to be built at the Wawa located at the intersection of NJ-33 and NJ-34. Interestingly, it's only about 2 miles WSW of the Tinton Falls supercharger which is...
  15. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Bethel, ME

    https://www.bethelmaine.org/DocumentCenter/View/1160/Planning-Board-92618-Minutes [PDF] On 2018-09-26, the Bethel Planning Board approved the site plan for the installation of a Tesla Supercharging station at the Irving Oil Gas Station/Circle K/Subway on US-2 in Bethel/Mayville. No information...
  16. ce2078

    Supercharger - Payson AZ

    Found a permit for the Payson Supercharger. Permit # PY1803-037 applied for 3/19/2018. Lists the address as 201 N. Beeline Hwy. Seems to be the NW corner of Hwy 260 and 87. @BlueShift
  17. Z

    19" TST Wheel and Tire Package (Set of 4) Brand New

    Hi All! Selling Brand new Wheel and Tire package- still in wrap ( only opened one of the tops for picture) Bought it for $3500 with shipping Willing to sell for $3000 with everything Size: 19X8.5" Offset: +35 PCD: 5X120 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: ~29 lbs. A 19" TST is ~ 3% lighter...
  18. SucreTease

    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Looking for other Tesla owners in Huntsville, Alabama. The mobile van operator told me that there were about 50 Teslas in the area.
  19. morrisdl

    5000+ Mile Road trip: No charging OK>>AR on Rt40

    I know this is hardly pioneering, but we excited and a little nervous about a couple long stretches between superchargers. Our extended family all think we are crazy - Most ask "how long of an extension cord are you going to need?" The supercharger network is an unfortunate secret. Thanks for...
  20. M

    Blackvue Camera Install

    I am planning to have the Blackvue 750 Camera installed March 21. Anyone in Puget Sound interested in getting a system installed can contact Calibred Customs.
  21. B

    Denver to Maroon Bells?

    Looking at a trip late Spring or early Summer (when Independence Pass is open). Any one do this trip? Thoughts on 70 to Glenwood SC vs Silverthorne and over Independence Pass?
  22. squadra

    Model 3 for rent or ride ?

    Hi everyone, I am patiently waiting for the email asking me to configure my model 3. I was wondering if anybody here in the Fort Lauderdale area would rent his Model 3 for a day or even for a ride so i can try it out. could not find it to rent on Turo.... Thanks !
  23. QwiksilverA4

    Bay Area South Bay meet?

    We seem to have a lot of Tesla's in our neck of the woods but we never get together. Anyone want to do a meet at a coffee shop sometime? Evening or Day? John
  24. L

    Plan a trip from OC to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite

    Plan to take my MX75D from OC to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite in early April. I read on the forums that someone did this trip a couple of years ago. Did anyone do this trip recently? How was the charging experience? My car has 3000 miles on it. Full charge is 235 miles. My average...
  25. K

    Model 3 on Turo in Kirkland

    There's now a listing on Turo for a Model 3 in the Greater Seattle area. My wife and I are considering renting it for a day before configuring. $250/day is steep, but potentially worth it to see how the "sports sedan" suspension plays with Seattle streets. Kipa
  26. IchDochNicht

    Model 3 Premium Long Range

    STANDARD FEATURES: - Automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance - Eight airbags - Electronic stability and traction control - 15" touchscreen with on-board maps & navigation - Voice activated controls - Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity - FM/Internet streaming radio - Dual zone...
  27. MountainPass

    Vendor Wednesday March 21 Evening Meetup - SF Bay Area

    Hi Everyone, As we've posted in the Tesla Model 3 section we are hosting a meetup on Wednesday March 21st to meet some of the first Tesla Model 3 owners, and we will have our test vehicle on display with the prototype coilovers we are developing as well as our suspension arms. We're also very...
  28. Vegas

    Maxing out AP1

    On a recent trip between Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) a distance of 915 Klms (569 Miles), I wanted to see the maximum time I could rely on autopilot AP1 (Classic front P90D). Where ever possible including through traffic congestion and country towns I used AP1, with my hand resting on the...
  29. T

    Tesla Owners Dragstrip Meetup - Sacramento Raceway Park 3/17

    Saw this on Instagram from "myteslaadventure" Tesla Owners Dragstrip Meetup at Sacramento Raceway Park on 3/17 from 12pm - 4pm $10 for spectators $50 to drag race My Tesla Adventure on Instagram: “Tesla Owners Dragway meet up. Bring your Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X or Roadster and try...
  30. Xenius

    Looking for someone to offer a test ride.

    Hey guys, looking for someone in the VT area to offer a test ride to someone who was posting on a facebook group. He's looking at a CPO Model S. He specifically wants to be able to test with his dog in it. The catch is his dog likes to lay on the floor. My guess is there's plenty of room if...
  31. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    The best time to protect your new car is when it's BRAND NEW. The very best way to protect your car is wrapping it in self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy STEK DYNOshield. DYNOshield is infused with a nano coating during the manufacturing process making it the easiest to maintain...
  32. D

    Chicago - Detroit- I-94 SC Access Report

    I've driven this roundtrip 3x in 3 weeks. These were my first road trips and one thing I learned is that your timing can be impacted greatly by ingress/egress to SC - from the moment you pull onto the exit ramp until the moment you're plugging in (and the reverse) - a pretty obvious point but...
  33. PapaSlabes

    Recommendations for Detailing Shops in the Greater Boston Area

    I was washing my current, aging car yesterday and noticed the many small bits of black all over the front that don't want to come off even with a concerted effort, and it made me think I should be more seriously considering some sort of protective wrap or sealant for my Model 3. Seems like it's...
  34. D

    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA (expanded to 16 V2 stalls)

    After several months of watching, Found it! As suspected, its going to be at the Target. Good location. Lots of open parking, lots of other stuff nearby (including the new City Center complex)...
  35. D

    Hotels with Destination Charging in Fort Worth

    What are my options on fort worth for destination charging? We are going to be at the fort worth convention center. Honestly if there was a hoilday inn express that would be awesome. How far is the closest supercharger?
  36. drtko147

    Hawaii 19 inch OEM wheels

    I am selling my 19 inch OEM for my MS since I now have the 21 inch wheels. Anyone interested? I listed it for $800 for wheels and tires.
  37. P

    Brake Caliper Painting near Sacramento

    Looking to get the brake calipers painted on our Model X. Anyone know a good place in or near Sacramento and how much it would cost?
  38. Uncle Paul

    Posts about locals charging at Superchargers: complain here! :-)

    Moderator note: this thread is for posts about locals charging at Superchargers, an endlessly discussed issue in the California Superchargers forum. Posts made in a thread in the California Superchargers forum about this issue, which is not an issue specific to any one Supercharger, will be...
  39. G

    Dashcam, Ceramic, Audio Upgrades in New Jersey/New York/Philly?

    Taking delivery on a P100D in a few weeks. Looking to pretty quickly get 4ch dashcam installed, detailing & ceramic coating done, and the audio upgraded. Having a whale of a time finding recommendations in this area. Calibred Customs might be out this way in April or May, but I'd rather not...
  40. bhakan

    Android App not working

    I am having "Connection error" since this morning with my Tesla App.I did update my App yesterday when the update was rolled out. Anyone have similar issues? I uninstalled and reinstalled the App, Force stopped the app, toggled the Wifi off and on but all in vain. Is there anything I am missing...
  41. A

    Supercharger - North Brunswick, NJ

    Construction started for what looks like 10 stalls. Right off RT 1 near Panera. Address: 301 Grand Ave North Brunswick NJ 08902
  42. Discoducky

    Voltacharging station at Trader Joe's Sammamish

    Brand spanking new. Doesn't show up on their site or app yet. Very excited for this totally free station
  43. Nilnoc

    Supercharger - Frederick, MD

    Does anyone have information on the location and timing for the planned Frederick, Maryland supercharger? It is supposed to be coming this year. Tesla seems to be making deals with Sheetz, Wawa and Royal Farms to locate chargers. I've noticed the recent supercharger openings near Cleveland are...
  44. Solarman004

    Denver Service Center Contact Update- Mar 2018

    If other Denver, CO customers are like me and have been around since the old Evans Rd facility was open, you have collected a variety of phone numbers and emails with which to contact the SC. Some of them work, others are no longer valid. In setting up for my next annual routine maintenance, I...
  45. W

    Anybody interested in a Reus audio upgrade in North Texas?

    I’ve asked a few times, but thought I’d check again to see if anyone else would be interested in upgrading their audio to a Reus system. As I understand it, he will fly out (for travel expenses) and perform all the upgrades on site, and the more people sign up, the cheaper the cost.
  46. T

    Owning a Tesla in Michigan

    Hi All, I am a prospective Tesla owner and I was wondering if any current Tesla owners in Michigan could help answer a couple questions. Do you notice any issues with the public and owning a Tesla in Michigan for being the home of the Big 3? Do you think it would be an issue working for one of...
  47. Xtek

    Snoqualmie summit Model X

    The last 6 years I've had an Audi S6 with aggressive snow tires (Blizzaks). I'm going up to Snoqualmie summit for a work ski event and was wondering thoughts on using the OE All Seasons (20" ContiSilent 265/45R20) to get around. I was looking at the chains but $440 for the OE chains seems...
  48. A

    Tesla ownership on the Big Island and in Puna specifically

    We're considering a move from Colorado to the Big Island later this year. We have spent quite a bit of time in Puna on previous trips and it suits us in many ways so that's where we're looking at neighborhoods currently. I am aware, though, of the generally higher level of crime in Puna...
  49. C

    Model 3s on a Vehicle Transport in Seattle

    I was just driving on I5 in Seattle and happened to see this! Couple of Model 3s, some Ss, and an X on a transport!