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Regenerative Braking after 40.8 update


Jun 3, 2020
Got my 2020 PUP back in July and love how strong regen is for 1 foot driving.
Also noticed a reduced regen after 40.8 update, but now realize it just happened to coincide with much lower temperatures here in the NE.
When its cold I get hardly any regen on start and sometimes it doesn't improve the whole drive (lot of dots on the screen under the drive letters). Other times I get back to full regen within a drive with no dots remaining.
Obviously regen is limited near full charge. These observations are for <50% charge.


Nov 27, 2018
Unless there is a STOP situation like somebody pulling out in front of me I never take my foot off the accelerator. Even when using cruise I put my foot back on the accelerator before disengaging cruise. I can feather the peddle to get whichever regen I want or need. It is really good control of stopping smoothly. All drivers need to be encouraged to use to get max battery usage. I really have a hard time understanding fear of the regen. It is great!

Now for the reduced regen posters I have to admit that living in Florida the dots seldom appear but when they do it is only for a mile or two. Even then regen adequately stops the car in less than emergency stopping.

Oh, and I charge to 90% and experience no dots unless temps below 50F.


Jun 6, 2020
I'm glad I came across this post since I too was befundled about the lack of regen braking as in the past. I see no logic behind it for Tesla to decrease it for everyone. If you don't like it, you do have the option not to use it. Maybe Tesla did not want its owners to have the reputation as two foot drivers. I can imagine if someone predominantly drove with regen braking (myself included) the guy behind you would get annoyed with the brake light constantly coming on.

On a side note, I notice my brakes squeaking now.


Jan 23, 2020
So this is really a "capt obvious" post... but I thought I would share anyway... its been on the colder side here in the Northeast recently and I have a MY - with the heat pump.

So I'm going to talk about this like its a single trip, but I've been noticing basically the same thing on several trips:
  • Leave the garage- my MY prewarmed with maybe 3-4 "regeneration dots"
  • Start Driving- goes up to 5-6 dots
  • More Driving- goes down to 3-4 dots...
  • As the sun drops its get colder, cabin heat is set at 67- no problem keeping the heat in the cabin while driving
  • Dots go up- 7-10 dots
  • Just as I stop near my home I get the regen warning again saying it is too cold. In fact, once I drove back into my garage and just as I did the snowflake appeared near the battery indicator after never being on.
So it is very obvious that the heat going into the cabin is at the expense of heat going to the battery to keep it warm. I mean, we know this because of the heat pump and octovalve, but it is interesting to witness it happening in cold weather in the MY.

All that said- I can also add that although I haven't done anything scientific... I really haven't lost much range in the cold. The 2 trips I do often that are a bit longer go like this:

Back in the summer I would charge up to 310ish miles go round trip and have 16%. Now in the cold I'm getting home with 12%.

The other long one I would charge up to 310 and "need" to supercharge for 5 mins to get home (OK, didn't "need" to but I didn't want any anxiety by returning home at 7%- and heck 5 min supercharging is like 1 SNL skit while I wait, so no big deal). Now in the cold I do the same supercharge for 5 mins, but if I wanted to go straight home the route planner would say return at 5% and must keep below 60mph (not going to happen). So it feels like the heat pump is doing an efficient job.

OH- one last thing... Yeah, my brakes were squeaking too... a little. But I think it may be sand/salt getting in there and since you don't use the brakes too often, when you do you get the squeak. After a few braking situations the squeak goes away for me.


Jul 7, 2020
Lancaster PA
I have found the same, as mentioned above, where before I used the regen, I now use brakes, there was, without doubt, a difference. It's not as good as it was prior, I would like it to back if possible.
I would rather Tesla work on the lane change on autopilot is a little aggressive, and smoother lane change would be a lot better...

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