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Seemingly slow updating ultrasonics


Apr 28, 2018
Anyone know how often the sensors refresh/remeasure distances from nearby objects? Every second? Every 5 seconds? Reason I'm wondering is because it feels like it may take my front bumper sensors at least a few seconds to recognize that my garage door is actually already up and out of the way. As I inch forward the car is still showing me red circles around the front and keeps beeping at me.

If folks are actually seeing quicker sensor updates, I wonder if my PPF or ceramic coating is part of the issue. My car has PPF on the front bumper, hood, and fenders, but all the sensors are cut out.
What size garage do you have. Here in the UK the majority of garages are for a single car (some may not be wide enough entry for the Tesla!) and I find my sensors are recognising the fact that there is a structural support, either side of the door, as a hazard. Have you tried driving up to a wall and then slowly reversing away to see how they react?
Ah maybe that's it. I have a 2 car garage but my spot is a little tight. There's about a foot or two of space on either side of the car at the entry and then it widens out as I get further into the garage. I haven't paid much attention to the front sensors while reversing, but that sounds like a good test. Thanks for the suggestion!