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Parking Assist Unavailable Model X 2016 75D

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Hoping someone here can help me. Getting parking assist unavailable error message.

Either one of these three things are the cause of the issue:
1) May have been due to a car wash. i noticed my front license plate got bent a bit and it must have pulled on the plate somehow and pulled the bumper causing a wire to come loose or something.
2) Either that or it was due to the cold weather here where I'm at, but either of these dont really add up because i've taken the car to the car wash numerous times with no issues, and its been in my garage where it has been even colder than today and was just fine. idk if the cold weather can cause the wire to malfunction or something or what. but its been exposed to negative temps here and have had no issues until recently, and moreover the day it happened was relatively warm weather around 40 degrees.
3) Maybe its due to a software update issue. Been reading around where other tesla owners have experienced a similar issue after an update. That being said, the software update actually repaired my glovebox; i was unable to open it, and then after the update the glovebox just magically opened. But just a few days after this software update, now i'm getting this park assist error. However, this still doesn't really add up as it seemed to be fine for a few days after the software update.

Things I've tried:
1) soft reset with the steering wheel buttons.
2) hard reset by changing the tire wheel configuration.
3) tried taking out the frunk to see if there were loose wires.

With number 2 above, after the second or third try the parking assist started working again. I could clearly see that it was providing me the distance i was to a certain object. Then after about a minute the error message came up again and it stopped working. So, to me, I would think that all the hardware is obviously working. Maybe its a loose wire or something.

When i tried taking out the frunk, unfortunately you can only see two of the sensor clips and plugs, the other ones you cannot see through this method. You'd have to take off the bumper and bottom fittings to see them so i just closed it back up and wanted to try some other things first before i went that route. The two sensors i could see were clearly plugged in, and i just decided to push them in again just to make sure they're in tight. This was my fifth hard reset, and it worked for abit then stopped. My first two hard resets didn't do anything, the third one made it work. Fourth one didn't do anything, and this fifth one made it work and then it stopped again.

i am still able to use auto highway pilot just fine. and i can see that the sensors are able to detect things front, back, and sides. So this is certainly odd. It's not just one or two sensors that aren't working. Clearly, they are working. I'd like to note also that after the most recent update about a week ago is when i came across this issue. So i'm amounting this to either a software bug or some loose wire some where that i just need to clip back in. Oddly enough my glovebox wasn't opening prior to this update and after this update the glovebox works fine, but now the parking assist error message is coming up.

Only other solutions i can think of will be to do a hard reset where you unplug the battery, and then final solution open up the bumper and see if all other sensors are properly plugged in. Anyone else encounter the same issue, and what did you do to fix it?
I was going to suggest that the radar might have been tilted a bit, that happened on my AP1 model s. But, if I recall correctly, the highway autopilot also quit working. I also had some sensors go bad and they had to be replaced. At one point I had one that slipped back into the bumper too far and it wouldn't work. Hope some of this helps!
Further update: error came back. This bugged the crap out of me. But i figured it out.

It was the front license plate. This is still odd though because it never interfered with anything before, and had been working fine since i got the car. I had one of those brackets that don't require you to drill into the bumper, and it stays about an inch or so away from the front bumper. I guess overtime the weight of the bracket must have messed something up or idk what but maybe after i took it a nontouchless car wash and it pulled and bent the license plate and that somehow interfered with the USS or something idk.

But in short, i took off the front license plate and its working fine.
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