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Selling 2017 Model X P100D

I am interested in selling my Model X. I have owned it since Nov 2017. It is a 2017 model with almost 32,000 miles on it. Dark Gray with Black interior. Have loved driving it but living in rural Ohio makes it difficult to drive in cold weather with long car rides and charging. It is in great shape. 22" wheels with winter and summer tires and 2 sets of wheels. Never any issues. It is purely a driving with young kids in cold weather living in rural Ohio issue. I wanted to see if there was any interest. I would like to get rid of the wheels and all. Always has been hand washed and never through the car wash. No accidents or even dings. I am working on pricing. I just want to gauge any interest at this point.
With that kind of mileage, I’d be interested below $100k. What options does it have? Can you provide a copy of the Option List or the Window Sticker?

Interested for my business partner in Minnesota so I’d take the winter pkg tires and everything. Let me know if that price is of interest.

For comparison, I bought my X P100D from Tesla with 8100mi, 6 Seat, PUP, Black Leather, Subzero, EAP & FSDC for 125k. And it was eligible for the $7500 Fed credit, so under $100k sounds good to me.

Yes, please provide detail if possible. I am quite interested. Has the car already gone for its 1st maintenance?
I will make sure I will get it completed prior to the sale. The closest dealership to me is about an hour and a half away. It has had regular maintenance in terms of wiper replacements and little things here and there like a door piece replacement. There was an issue in a lot of the model X for closure of the door. That got replaced. Here are the specs
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Have you driven ap2 with 2018.10.4 and later? Works way better than ap1 IMHO
I would say AP2 now works OK with the latest update, I would say that it is not realistic at all to say it works better than AP1. Is there actually anything you could say is an improvement over AP1? AP2 is no longer a deal breaker like it was but there are still some things lacking.
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