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Small plastic piece loose in charge port

First post here (I lurked as I waited for Model 3 for a couple months and found it to be a great resource!).

I've had my M3 for a month and have charged at work using ChargePoint and J1772 Adapter with no problem 4 or 5 times. When I went to plug in today, I noticed the adapter wasn't fitting properly. After several frustrating minutes, I looked inside the charge port and saw there was a loose plastic piece obstructing the port. Pictures attached -- any idea what this is? I think it might be a piece from the adapter that covers one of the prongs that fell out on my previous charging session. But I am no expert - is it from the charge port itself?

Long story short, I was able to connect with the adapter and the car is charging with no issue it seems. Worth going into the service center? Will they just give me a new adapter?

Sorry for the dumb questions -- I love the car but I am not technically-inclined. Thanks for any help!
I'm not sure which side--if it's from the port pins or from the plug pins--but yes, it's a plastic tip over one of the charging pins to help guide them as they plug together. It will work without it, but I think the risk might be the possibility of bending a pin if it catches on the edge of something as you are trying to plug in. I would contact Tesla service to get that taken care of.
This just happened to me last night. Was at the Tinton Falls NJ SC, had a hard time getting the charge cord to reach the port (backed up as far as I could). During the first try I didn’t have the ends aligned, went to remove the plug when one of these pieces popped out. Was still able to charge no issue.

Will take your advice and make an appt.
Talked to the SC - since the plastic guide is not a separate part, they need to replace the entire charge port. Seems wasteful, but they did not hesitate when I spoke with them. Here are some pics...

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My housemate has a brand-new Model 3, and had exactly the same problem occur. Tesla is replacing her entire charge port, and told her it's a problem they've seen before. Unfortunately, it happened when she was in the middle of a road trip, and they had to flatbed her car 100 miles to the nearest SC!