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Steering Wheel Clicking Noise

Has anyone noticed a clicking noise coming from the area around the steering wheel/dash? I had my MCU replaced recently (due to the yellow box, unfortunately did not get upgraded to MCU2), and ever since I've noticed an annoying clicking noise around the steering wheel/dash area. It's not super loud, but it's enough to really annoy me over time.
Huh, just heard this same noise yesterday. I pretty much have to be stopped because any road noise or radio makes it impossible to hear - as you said, it’s not loud.

I had my car in for the annual service two weeks ago. No MCU replacement though (at least not noted on the service invoice). Is the MCU behind the steering wheel/binnacle? I would have guessed it was behind the large touchscreen and this clicking definitely seems to be coming more from the steering wheel area.
A quick search reveals multiple threads on this topic, some dating back a few years. So I don’t think it’s the MCU upgrade. No solutions that I saw in a quick scan though. I think a Service Center visit is in both of our futures!
I'm pretty tired of going to the Service Center sadly...
Does it come from the steering wheel only when you have the heated steering wheel option on?
I do not have the heated steering wheel option.