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Summer Tyres for 19" MS in UK


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Nov 2, 2015
Suffolk, UK
Any suggestions please? Amazed to find that I have driven 39,000 miles on the original tyres ...

@thegruf favoured [link] Michelin PS4 Sport (but that was 21"), there's an OE Tesla version (only found a PS3) which is Acoustic, but seems to have the same 71db rating as the regular ... which I assume is just "regulatory tosh"?

I suppose my criteria are:

Joint 1st Best Range and Low Noise
2nd Performance (on the grounds that its probably going to be impressive anyway, and I rarely chuck it about now the car is a couple of years old, can't find any friends who haven't yet had a ride!, and 95% of the miles are commuting on dual carriageway ...)

Michelin Primacy 3 Acoustic appears to be Fuel=B, Noise=69db £220
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 PS4 Fuel=C, Noise=71db £180
Wifee said "Much more wind noise since the tyres were changed" ... so I take that as a good indicate that the tyres are quieter rather than that the tyre fitters mucked up the car's CD!

But I reckon the sound is a lower "drumming" which leaves my ears "blocked" (like an aeroplane flight). Of course without driving the two side-by-side hard to make that comparison, might just have been rubbish roads on yesterday's 280 mile jaunt.
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Just changed from Michelin Pilot Sport 3 to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 255/45R19
My priority is the other way round, performance first and economy second.

I have driven a couple of Tesla loan cars on the Primacy and I found it too soft and prone to understeer when turning in, which is when you want the front end to be reliable.

The Sport 3 was excellent with decent steering feedback, great turn in and a reliable front end with excellent traction as you accelerate out of a corner. On a dry road full torque in a 2WD car can be used from a standstill with no wheelspin. None of the 2WD 20" cars I've driven could do that.

The PS4 has all of the above plus excellent water clearing and wet grip.

My S P85 is up for renewal after 4 years in October. I will be buying another S and my first stop after the dealer will ber to swop out the tyres!

Sounds to me like you made the right choice to meet your needs, I just wanted to let others know that there is a sporting option out there.
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None of the 2WD 20" cars I've driven could do that

I had 2WD Loaner (S85 I think, probably 19") and it was all over the place in the wet ... not sure if that is common for 2WD (or just if it had poor-choice, possibly worn, tyres ... I never checked!) but I am glad to have AWD.

Sounds to me like you made the right choice to meet your needs,

I'm still on the fence ... maybe I should have got the Sports ... I don't suppose it would make any difference (e.g. to tyre wear) tootling along the dual carriageway at 70 MPH, and the car is quiet enough that maybe "a bit more/less" is superfluous ... and now I've got a 2 year wait until these are worn out and I can try something else :(

I could have done with the option of a side-by-side test. Perhaps I should just get a set of Sports and sell whichever doesn't pan out on eBay very-nearly-new?!!

The most exhilarating I've ever done is at a roundabout near here which has lights, and the left turn is onto an up-ramp to dual-carriage. Its a 90-degree exit, albeit a large diameter roundabout. I was first at the lights, on one occasion, with relatively new tyres, and I wondered whether I would have to lift off on Insane part way around the corner ... Nope :)

So I'll try that in the new boots next chance I get on a dry day and report back.

my first stop after the dealer will be to swop out the tyres!

The tyre fitter said that my old ones (original with the vehicle) were Mercedes OE !! clearly Tesla had run out and had to nip round the corner to borrow a few!!