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Has anyone had supaguard protection applied to their car? I know it’s not ceramic and therefore less chip protection. However I’ve been offered a full paint correction, polish, supaguard application and interior protection for £200. The local valet guy I use takes his job seriously and gives superb results. I’d also like to support his business as he’s taken such great care of our cars in the past. I’m just hesitant vs the protection of ceramic. Does supaguard offer any protection, as in easier to polish out marks? Thoughts?
Ceramic has no stone chip resistance, where it helps is it makes the car easier to clean which slows down the build up of swirl marks. A good wax would do the same but the ceramic coating last much longer.

supaguard is the make a lot of dealers offer and it’s a bit of a joke for what it is (at the prices they charge). Ask your detailer why he won’t apply a ceramic coating, if he wants to stay in business he should be prepared to offer what customers want.

The prep, decontamination, machine polish and getting the paint in mint condition would be exactly the same, all we’re talking about is the last stage and it’s a wipe on, wipe off step.