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Tesla Powerwall Homekit Support through Homebridge

Discussion in 'Tesla Energy' started by TimoD, May 27, 2018.

  1. TimoD

    TimoD New Member

    May 27, 2018
    Hi Tesla Powerwall Members,

    I got my Powerwall 4 Weeks ago, I live in Germany an I'am very happy with it. I moved to my new house which hears to Apple Homekit.

    Sadly, Teslas Powerwall has not so much 3rd Party Applications, even no IFTTT integration. So I decided to integrate Teslas Powerwall to Apple Homekit (together with my cousin, study informatics) using Homebridge.

    Now I want to share our Project:

    You can find it here:


    What it does:

    It integrates the Tesla Powerwall as different devices in Apple Homekit:

    1. There is an switch which can turn On / Off the Powerwall (which can be used in scenes)
    2. A lamp which shows actual Powerstate (Which can trigger Events)
    3. 4 Devices each for One Energy Flow (Home / Solar / Battery / Grid)

    And then it looks like this:


    And here comes the best Part, everything also acts like an EVE Energy, which can be shown togehther with Diagramms in the EVE App:



    If you use our integration, please support the Development (my Cousin) by leaving a Coffee Cup by Paypal:

    Pay Timo Dostal using PayPal.Me

    I'm curious of what you think of our Integration,...

    Greetings Timo
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  2. Parenn

    Parenn New Member

    Jun 4, 2018
    This looks pretty good, thank you!

    I just set it up and I’m a bit confused about how to use the lamp on/off and colour, do you have an example?
  3. TimoD

    TimoD New Member

    May 27, 2018
    Hey the Lamp / Color is just for showming the actual Power State of the Powerwall. You can use the Switch (Showing in Apples Home App) Turn the Powerwall On / Off
    Best for Showing Stats is EVE
  4. TimoD

    TimoD New Member

    May 27, 2018
    AND,,... if you change something at the Lamp it will go back to the aczual State of the Powerwall
  5. Ulmo

    Ulmo Active Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    Vienna Woods, Aptos, California
    #5 Ulmo, Apr 3, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
    I just found this (since I first installed HomeBridge today). Installing it now.

    I opted not to supply a username and password, since I don't want to be able to turn it off and prefer not to give away credentials unnecessarily. I supplied IP#, which I assumed was the PW LAN IP. It works fine in this configuration.

    Here's the Eve app I installed: "Eve for HomeKit": Eve for HomeKit by Eve Systems GmbH

    Here's a screenshot: Eve for HomeKit by Eve Systems GmbH.jpeg

    Note that "Battery Power Meter" shows 0 even though it is negative in the HomeKit Fan section. I suppose it is charging from the excess solar, since 2302W-1260W=1042W.

    When my automatic water heating kettle which I use for coffee cycled on to maintain my water kettle temperature, I noticed that the electricity used by Home Power Meter went up, and when it exceeded Solar Power Meter, then Battery Power Meter showed wattage. Looking at live stats on my PW web display, it also showed the same thing. So, the limitation is that it will not show negative wattage.

    Playing with Siri:

    "What is the home battery flow?" --> "Your Battery Flow is on." (Useless answer.)

    "What is the home power meter?" --> "Hmm, I can't do that with HomeKit because I'm not sure what you mean by "meter". (So it knew it was HomeKit, then just gave up.)

    "How much battery flow is there?" --> "Looks like there's one of those." (Even less useful answer.)

    Ok, I started to think about the nomenclature that HomeKit uses. First, I thought of it as a light bulb, which was wrong:

    "How bright is the Battery Flow?" --> "Hmm, that feature is not available for the Battery Flow."

    I thought a little harder, and remembered that the flows are indicated as fans. So, I tried this:

    "How fast is my Battery Flow?" --> "The Battery Flow is at -6." SUCCESS!

    "How much is the Battery Flow?" --> "Your Battery Flow is on." Failure.

    Ok, minimizing:

    "How fast is the Grid?" --> "Your grid flow is 0"

    "How fast is the battery?" --> "CO Detector detects normal carbon monoxide levels in the Bed." Wrong device.

    "How fast is the Battery Flow?" --> The Battery Flow is at -18.

    "How fast is the Solar Flow?" --> The Solar Flow is at 30.

    Well, you get the idea. 30 what?!

    Ohhhh ... 30 hundred watts. Nice. I see said the blind man ...

    "How fast is the home power flow?" --> "No. Your Battery Flow is on. Shall I turn it off for you?" REALLY?!

    I had to look carefully at the names in the Eve app. I see: I need to use "Battery Flow", "Grid Flow", "Home Flow", "Solar Flow", as if they are fans. This works:

    "How fast is the home flow?" --> "The Home Flow is at 13." So, 13 hundred watts, or +1300W, which would be to the home.

    Further minimizing:

    "Solar flow speed" --> "The Solar Flow is at 27." MUCH better.
    "Home flow speed" --> "The Home Flow is at 13." Yes.
    "Grid Flow Speed" --> "The Grid Flow is at 0."
    "Battery Flow Speed" --> "The Battery Flow is at -9."

    You have to be careful not to let Siri think you're giving it a command. For instance, if you say "Solar Flow", Siri turns it off. At least it thinks it turns it off. But in actuality, the plugin ignores that, so no harm done. Similarly, I said something that it thought meant "Solar flow low", and it set the speed to low, which of course also does nothing.

    I would like better answers to better questions:

    "How much solar is there?" --> "Looks like there's one of those." There better be! Without that we'd all be dead! Anyway, knowing the solar panel input and the cloud cover & UV index would be nice, as well as some effects like how warm it is and the forecast.

    "How much electricity am I using?" --> "Hmm, I can't do that with HomeKit because I'm not sure what you mean by "electricity"." It should have given me an idea of how much was being used in the home, taken from or given to the batteries, and from the grid. At least one of those would have been nice. But nothing. Also, if it told me how much my HomeKit outlet was using, that would be nice too.

    Siri is limited, as usual.

    Anyway, great! I'll see if this plugin is useful for anything. I just have to remember when using Siri: Siri thinks these meters are fans.

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