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  1. fasteddie7

    Apple Pay email problem means duplicate reservations

    I'm a current owner of a 2016 Model S. When ultra red came out a few weeks ago, i was on my laptop (logged into my account as well) and placed an order with apple pay. After a few minutes I noticed the reservation wasn't in my account. I discovered that instead of linking to my logged in...
  2. R

    Question about the Apple car play for Tesla

    Hi All, How are you? Has any one here used this Apple car play product? Can you post your views? https://www.evbase.com/products/evbase-tesla-apple-wireless-carplay-on-tesla-main-screen Thanks
  3. M

    Apple Car Key support coming based on new UWB part?

    "The EUT is an automotive part (B Pillar Endpoint) with Ultra Wide-band (UWB) operating in 6389.6-7987.2 MHz, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC capabilities." I would like to use my iPhone 11 as my key! Tesla and Apple Car Key? FCC Approves Ultra Wide-band Part for B Pillar - TeslaNorth.com
  4. TMC Staff

    Apple and Hyundai Considering EV Partnership

    A new report says that Apple and Hyundai Motor Co. have agreed to partner on an autonomous all-electric car. Korea IT News first reported the potential partnership, which would aim to put a vehicle into production by 2024. Apple has been working on a car project since as early as 2014...
  5. TMC Staff

    Blog When Elon Musk Wanted to Sell Tesla, Apple’s Tim Cook Refused the Meeting

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said Tuesday that during the “darkest days” of Model 3 production, he reached out to Apple about a possible sale. Musk said Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook “refused” to take a meeting. Musk offered the story in response to reports that the iPhone maker is...
  6. F

    Apple Car apparently back on

    Moderator note: The first fifteen posts in this thread are a merge of two related threads on the same topic. Apple Car Production Slated for 2024 With 'Next Level' Battery Technology Apple Car May Be For Sale By September 2021, Says Taiwanese Newspaper Apple has been working on some kind of...
  7. AC2DC

    I want to use my Apple One subscription in my Tesla

    That's it. I already subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud. With the new Apple One subscription, it would be great to be able to access Apple Music while driving and Apple TV+, Arcade, and News+ while charging. I doubt I would use the Fitness+ app while in the car, haha, but then...
  8. L


    Apple look to be adding car keys into iOS 14. What are the chances of this coming to Tesla?
  9. Colin87849

    my mockup of carplay on model 3 display

    say what you guys want, but ever since i switched from my hyundai elantra to the tesla, one thing ive always envisioned on the big 15 inch screen is carplay, i used carplay all the time on my elantra. I honestly somehow someway hope tesla can get carplay onboad so we can use our phone's "hands...
  10. Antares Nebula

    Will Apple enter the EV/smartcar market in some meaningful capacity?

    Okay folks, since some of you were challenging the premise of my first poll, claiming "neither" or "that Apple is irrelevant", I made a new poll to gauge the opinion of the wider TMC investor community. So everybody, please let's have a vote. If you vote "Yes" here, I ask that you then please...
  11. Antares Nebula

    Edited: Apple as a worthy competitor, benevolent partner, or benevolent acquirer?

    This Poll Has Been Updated Made a poll to gauge the opinion of the TMC community in light of the on and off Apple discussions. This poll is updated to add a third choice: benevolent partner. The first poll was too polarizing. The third choice offers a middle ground, while still being realistic...
  12. F

    Keyless entry gotcha (locked myself out this morning)!

    I have been experimenting with keyless entry, using the app on my phone and leaving my keys at home. I learned the hard way during my kid's school dropoff the potential risks. I generally leave my phone on the charging pad in the center console of the car. I had to hop out of my car to help my...
  13. drewpost

    Apple Music via Browser

    Apple have just put up a new web based version of Apple Music Apple Music I have an SR+ without Premium connectivity so I can't test this myself but could you load this in the car and stream Apple Music whilst driving?
  14. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla needs to get its financial house in order.

    Tesla lost over $702 million in the first quarter of 2019. I'm surprised that this news is apparently not an article on TMC. Elon Musk reportedly laid blame on the decline of federal tax credits, complained that people don't like buying cars in winter and said Tesla is facing more competition...
  15. D

    WTB or trade; need a lightning cable for phone docking kit, have a micro USB cable

    Buy or trade; need a new or used lightning cable for my new (incorrect) console docking kit that came with a micro USB cable. Used to be every car came with a docking kit with both cables. So I know there are many unused short 90 degree lightning cables out there:-/ (Now the kits are on...
  16. T

    Tesla Powerwall Homekit Support through Homebridge

    Hi Tesla Powerwall Members, I got my Powerwall 4 Weeks ago, I live in Germany an I'am very happy with it. I moved to my new house which hears to Apple Homekit. Sadly, Teslas Powerwall has not so much 3rd Party Applications, even no IFTTT integration. So I decided to integrate Teslas Powerwall...
  17. fasteddie7

    Official type c installation

    I saw Tesla finally came out with an official type c charger for the s/x! I got one and installed it easy peasy! Made a video for everyone, as if you do need to change the charger port in your console do to getting a new phone, it'll help as each one install the same!
  18. incinie

    Vendor Tesla Plus for iOS

    Hi everyone! Recently I launched a project I have been putting loads of time and love into. "Tesla Plus" is an iOS-app. An alternative to the official Tesla app, and the other 3rd party apps out there. It features a UI that looks much more like the UI in the car, and has additional unique...
  19. DMC-Orangeville

    Apple developing software using Blackberry Engineers

    Something about the title of this column made me laugh: Apple Inc is developing its car operating system in Ottawa, using former BlackBerry Ltd engineers: sources I picture a large centre console screen, with a raised keypad...... Well, I'm happy they're doing it in Canada
  20. E

    Tesla iOS app - lost notifications

    Not sure if this is a Tesla app issue or an Apple issue but thought I'd try here to see if anyone has experienced this or has a suggestion: All was great until I got a new phone last week. Installed the Tesla app (iCloud backup actually), and the app is fine except my notifications...
  21. markn455

    Problems with My Tesla and My Tesla App

    I created a My Tesla account and put my name on the list for a Model 3. I received an email and can see my reservation information etc. The excitement was killing me and was poking around looking at previous owned Model S vehicles. I ran across a dealer here in ATL that sells high end exotics...
  22. omarsultan

    Waiting for CarPlay

    Watching the Apple announcement today, and the comment that every major manufacture will support CarPlay, I am hoping it is soon. As a heavy listener of iBooks and Apple Music, the holster approach in the MX is not great from a usability perspective--it cries out for CarPlay support on the...
  23. slyastro

    Why Apple/Google/Whoever Should Buy Tesla

    I think that the author's suggestion (Apple buy Tesla, name Elon Musk CEO of APPLE and Tim Cook goes back as COO) would be VERY positive for Apple!! But as an investor in Tesla, I think it would limit the potential upside. What do you guys think...