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Tesla S 85D Ludicrous Mode Performance Simulation

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to know how Ludicrous mode performance varied under different conditions.
I have developed a macro model for simulation of Tesla S 85D Ludicrous Mode performance. The model uses Mathcad 14 (.xmcd file) for calculations. I have validated this methodology with a number of other ICEs and EVs. See http://leapcad.com/Transportation.html .

The key parameters are battery power, % Battery State of Charge (SOC), System Power Efficiency, motor torque and power, curb weight, and max tire traction. Battery voltage depends on SOC. For example, under the assumptions of 50% SOC, Torque 713 ft lbf, tire coefficient of fraction 1.1, System Power Efficiency of 81% and motor power = Battery Voltage x 1500A x 0.81, the model shows that 0 - 60 mph in 2.8 sec can be achieved at 50% battery State of Charge.

The model with graphs is available in both pdf and xmcd at:

The model parameters can be varied by getting a trial copy of Mathcad 15 at

Have fun.



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