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Testing Safety on Model X Falcon Doors with a Carrot

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Hi — I have a 3yo and an 8mo old, and am concerned about their safety with the MX Falcon Doors. Today, it felt like the door was going to crush my wife. When I tried to test by applying forceful counter pressure on the closing door, it didn’t work. From watching (dated) Youtube videos, I have some understanding of the safety features that are supposed to protect an individual. However, the videos are old, there have been changes, and reading on this forum — I’ve seen all sorts of different takes on what the actual safety/failsafe features are. For my own peace of mind, I want to test these features. If something ever happened to my daughters as a result of me driving a fancy car with fancy doors, I would not be able to forgive myself.

So my question is — does anyone have a clear understanding of what the safety features are on the doors? What sensors are there on a 2023 Model X, where? Pinch, ultrasonic sensors, etc. Any information would be helpful.