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The magic of Midnight Silver Metalic


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Aug 27, 2018
I thought I'd share this for fun. I finished a 250 mile trip the other day on New England roads with sand, salt and puddles from melting snow. It still doesn't look that bad, does it?

My car is in my small garage with 2000 lumens of bright white LED. It looks good from any angle. And this is pretty close.


This is that same fender from another angle and a flash light to show the car is completely covered in mud. Any other color and it would be obvious without the flashlight and perfect angles.

I had a MSM Model 3. Traded it in for a White Model X last spring. I always loved how the M3 hid the dirt. The white X? Not so much...

Ha ha, I traded my MSM Model 3 for an X too. I had a blue X on order and last minute changed to MSM. I did the same thing on the Model 3. Every color looks nice when clean. MSM wins when it's dirty (Which is 90% of the time for me).