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Thinks I learnt while removing the frunk


Just pulled the frunk today on my recently purchased '17 90D. I am glad I did because it was both an eye opener on to the condition of the car, which was OK I guess, but also exposed a few potential problems.

1. The flimsy plastic clips that hold the plastic trim piece to the air intake had broken, together with a few missing plastic rivets, which is to be expected I guess.

2. The frunk is held by 2 clips and just 2 bolts. The frunk plastic under the 2 bolts is brittle and easily broken. I recommend the use of a large washer and minimal torque to reduce the chance of a break when re-inserting. (see pic). The remaining bolts are all used to secure the giant air filter, but just two of them (see pic) need to be un-threaded by 90% otherwise they will catch on the wiring harness as the frunk is withdrawn.

3. There are lots of plastic clips used to secure one cable to another, or to the chassis, and sometimes these are chained to one another. A small number of mine had come loose so cables and pipes were also loose.

4, The two cables used to open the frunk in an emergency are fixed to the actual open mechanism via a flimsy looking plastic clip (see pic). In my case both had come off!!
I suspect this happened the last time the frunk was pulled at the SC, but Ill never know for certain. Best to check this ever so often.


I have a 2014 so my frunk is a bit different and I've removed/installed it about 20+ times in the 112k miles of my car. Mine is a better design IMO than how yours is done.
My real concern is your antifreeze that *sugar* looks brown!! it should be a nice ocean blue color because tesla uses G48 fluid. you definitely need to look into getting that taken care of because if its off color there is something wrong that caused it to be like that.
There are no brown coolants.

On an ICE car it means oil or combustion products getting into the coolant via a bad head gasket. None of that here… so maybe a bad seal in the drive unit allowing oil into the coolant? I don’t know where else they could mix on a Tesla.