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To Make Sentry Mode Record

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In order to have sentry mode to record do we need to leave the dash cam on (Red dot on camera icon ) or would turning sentry on is it enough (with grey dot ) ?

My two cents - dash cam on or off seems irrelevant to sentry mode. The reason I think this is because I activate sentry mode remotely using the app when the car is parked, locked and dash cam is off.

Well, I have never had Sentry mode record unless I turn on dashcam recording. The center display shows Sentry mode as active, and I will have a message on the IC that there have been x number of events, but no actual recording unless I turn on the dashcam before exiting the car. When I remember to turn on the dashcam, I do have the 10 1-minute videos saved to a separate folder as it should be.

And yes, I have AP hardware 2.5 as I am getting full color from all 3 cameras. Any ideas then? Do I need to schedule a Service Center visit, or am I misunderstanding how it should work?