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TPMS & Wheel Swap

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So I just dropped off my freshly powered coated now grey Arachnids to have Tesla mount the tires and install the TPMS sensors etc. (I had taken them from the SC without doing all this so I could powder coat them since they came in silver, paid $400 in case anyone was wondering) The service advisor said to me that when they are done he'll call me and I can bring my car in to have them installed. My plan was to drive on the arachnids for 6 months and the turbines for 6 months thats what I told him. I bought all the tools to change them in my garage. Now here is what the service advisor said that made me confused. He said that the car can only pair 4 TPMS sensors at a time and that each time I have to bring it back to Tesla after doing a wheel swap to have them re-synced. I thought I just hit reset TPMS on the screen and drive a few miles and the car did all that. What am I missing here?
You don't even have to do a reset. The car will detect the different sensors after a period of driving and ask permission to do the retrain on the center screen. You agree and after some more driving it will indicate that the task is done. I've done it twice now. First when I put my snow tires on and again when I took them off.