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Trunk seal replaced by mobile service

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Had a nice experience with mobile service (my first).
Tech came out and looked, confirmed the seal was not installed right and needed to be replaced.
I expected to hear "well, we have to order it and it will take X weeks" but instead he said "I have a new seal with me here, and I can do it right now." 20 minutes later, it was done.

This is what the seal looked like. It was also warped at the top corners.
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BTW bent corners may be here for good. I noticed the new one is already doing the same.
I think it's because this plastic trim piece was designed after the fact - I had just asked if the trunk upper being unpainted was normal, and he said that's why they started adding the trim piece. I suspect the gasket should be revised to allow for the trim.

Everyone can do as they like. If it looks good the way it is, then fine, leave it be. I'm just pointing out why there are so many people who've complained of bulges. There's a reason.

The bumper cover does not have a perfect edge, the gasket/flange covers that imperfect edge. How many plastic or metal edges of body panels do you see exposed on the car? That's because gaskets are covering them to hide that edge. On the bumper cover, it may seem like the gasket by squeezing against the bumper cover, is covering the edge, but so many of those gaskets stick up, just like the OP's original picture. That's because the gasket shouldn't be tucked in behind the bumper cover. There's too much rubber there, so it bulges. If you pull out that gasket, it won't bulge.
It should look like this:
View attachment 457277

There's a lip or flange that is not pulled out. It's stuck inside the bumper cover. You need to pull it out.

View attachment 457278
i thought we determined in your thread that the flange is NOT supposed to be pulled out? proper installation should have the flange hidden. i don't know if the "twisting" around the trunk latch is normal or not, but the flange is definitely supposed to be tucked.
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Mine looks like your "before" pic as well. I'm wondering if this is a problem with the actual gasket part, or just a bad install? Is it glued to the car? I may just try to pull it up and put it back down again myself to avoid the hassle of a service visit.
I just went to a Tesla showroom / service center and looked at the trunk. They have it exactly as what @KenC is showing earlier in this thread. Speaking to service, that is the correct way. I am going to pull the flange out so its seated correctly. Guess it wasn't installed correctly from the factory and then mobile service replaced it and did the same thing :confused:
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Had the opposite experience at my service center. Rover came by for tire rotation and he told me the flange is suppose to be on the inside with the thicker part on the outside. He has done several bumper changes and thats how it shows it per his instructions. So later that week I went to the local SC and looked at 3 new models and none had flanged pulled out.

Attached is how mine looks like from factory.

Not sure what to believe now.
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I'd think it thru. What are gaskets for? To make a watertight seal, where the plastic and metal panels cannot. The plastic edge is not smooth and straight. The edge has mold marks, etc. It's meant to be covered by a gasket, not butted up against the gasket. I suppose if you push the plastic and gasket tight enough, you can get a temporary watertight seal, but that requires the two be tight together. How long will that last? The flange has a purpose; otherwise why would it even be there? It's meant to cover the plastic and leave a finished appearance. It doesn't have to be perfectly tight to work.
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@KenC What you said above makes a lot of sense and I agree that is normally how gaskets are supposed to be applied around body panel edges. However, like others here, my trunk gasket is also tucked behind the bumper edges, instead of over it. See attached photos below. I had a Tesla ranger replace my trunk gasket shortly after delivery, when I realized the gasket was warped in a few areas. So in my case, the trunk gasket was tucked behind the bumper edges both before and after gasket replacement.

If we focus on the second photo that I’ve attached below (where the upper corner of the bumper meets the gasket), I feel like Telsa intended for the gasket to be tucked behind the bumper edges. To me, it just looks more correct this way (even if it may not be more functional this way). I’m not really sure which is the correct way/position. However, with Tesla’s reputation, I would not be surprised if their official response/answer is… both methods/positions are correct! 😂


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