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Used Tesla Purchase Delay Delivery

I am searching for a specific color and spec Used Tesla. If I were to find one and it was not in my state (sort of on purpose looking for one out of state to make a little vacation road trip back home), can I put the deposit down and have the car held till I can schedule pick up? For example, if my particular car came up on the Used Inventory site today, I would not be prepared to pick it up for a number of weeks.
I don’t fully know the answers to all your questions but I know the ability to take delivery in another state can be dependent on the specific state. I had once inquired with Tesla about picking up in another state and they told me I would have to pay that state’s sale tax as well as my own state’s. I am also doubtful they will hold the car for you for multiple weeks.
Thanks. I researched the sales tax and I would pay the delivery state location sales tax and then FL would give me credit for it up to the FL max (no refund) or if lower than FL, I have to pay the difference.

Is there a time frame between when you put the deposit online to pick up? I think they keep the cars offsite. I was thinking I need time to schedule airfare etc.

I was thinking that would be the case; only hold the car if I paid for it sight unseen (and maybe not even then). I will make a call to them to see, but maybe I just need to watch the pricing, but have to wait to pull the trigger when I am within a few weeks of my availability.