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Ancillary fees and taxes if purchasing from teslas Out of State“Used Inventory” ? Oregon specific details to be aware of?

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If Im in Portland Oregon (No sales Tax) purchasing a vehicle in used inventory that is currently in a different state ( Renton Washington) would I incur any extra fees or sales tax through teslas used inventory for any reasons?

There is a estimated “Transport Fee”.

Am I able to drive from Oregon to Washington to pick up the vehicle since it is very close in lieu of paying for a ambiguous “estimated” transport fee?

Does that create any issues, problems, or extra fees picking up a vehicle in a different state, despite being just over the boarder, and closest to me VS the Oregon Used Inventory site in Bend Oregon?

Is there a known set of “Rules and way of operating” Tesla has for a buyer picking up used inventory or details to know about and understand as a End User? Read that can be confusing and has specific restrictions in terms of where the vehicle is registered etc?

Possible anyone can help clarify some of these state specific details, hopefully from first hand experience?
Other question I'm hoping for clarity/help understanding:

I read Oregon has a vehicle use tax that applies to new vehicles purchased outside of the state?
Does this apply to used vehicles?

What if any fees and charges are associated to purchasing a Used EV in Oregon to know about?

If looking into purchasing from Teslas Used Inventory, curious what are some of the pitfalls and quirks to avoid?

Would really like to pick over the vehicle in person before committing to anything…

Read that you have to make a used inventory purchase before looking at and over the vehicle? Is that truly how that process works, being locked in and on the hook for $500+US before even seeing the vehicle beyond a stock visual representation?

Is there any methodology to get around that if true?

If there are any thoughts on how to do that, even to the point of tracking down the VIN and searching a lot to visually inspect.

Some ads say "available to view" in area , other do not.
What is the difference , and what access for inspection is available if any ?

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With a bit of "Google-Fu" I found this link to the state of Washington's web site(Exempt vehicle sales | Washington Department of Revenue) which states that vehicle sales to out of state parties are exempt from WA sales tax. I urge you however to do your OWN research to understand what you need to achieve your desired results.

As far as inspecting the car before purchase you can try getting ahold of a sales rep AT the center where the car is currently located, but I would be prepared to have to travel.
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