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Virginia - New Dominion Energy Time-of-Use Plan

I was fortunate to be able to sign up for the first EV PRICING PLAN that Dominion offered back in 2014. I was grandfathered when they eliminated that plan. I am still paying the Super Off Peak rate for consumption between 1 and 5 AM. The rate was advertised as $0.05 per kWh but actually works out to $0.08 when you add in all of the miscellaneous charges and taxes for the separate metering. (The peak cost for my time of use meter is around $0.20 per kWh so I rarely use it during that time frame.) The rate is still about $0.03 per kWh cheaper than the standard rate for the rest of my household which is not on the peak charge rate. The program required a separate meter and separate direct line from the new meter to the EV charger. The meter and electrical upgrade that it required for my house was gratis from Dominion but I had to pay the cost of my electrician getting the County permit, running the separate line and connecting it to the new Dominion meter. Hope this provides prospective for those considering the new program. Dominion assured me at sign up that they would probably grandfather me if the plan was later cancelled and have made good on that assurance since the plan was cancelled. I have continually used the program since 2014 with the same rate and am glad I participated.
We also were on the old pilot program, called the whole house + EV plan, choosing not to go with the separate meter due to additional installation costs. It was essentially a Time of Use plan for the whole house so we shifted to cooling the home and running appliances more off peak. However when we installed solar, we were told we couldn't use that plan with net metering for solar so had to give it up.