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Western US Road Trip - 2017 Model X or 2023 Model Y?

At a high-level, comfort-wise, I'd much rather road trip our '17 Model X (75D), but I'm worried about mechanical problems with the Model X. The '23 Model Y (LR) hurts my back when driving and my attempts to correct that haven't been successful so far.

Here's what we are going to be doing at the end of the month.

  • Road Trip 1 - from SoCal to PNW (end of June) (about 1500 miles): Orange County, CA to Las Vegas, NV, to Provo, UT, to Boise, ID to Lacey, WA.
  • Return Road Trip (2) - from PNW to SoCal (in mid-July) (about 1100 miles): Lacey, WA to Redding, CA to Orange County, CA.

We have a (vacation) house in Lacey, WA, so the car will be garaged there for our stay. I have no range anxiety about these trips, with either car, but I have breakdown anxiety. More details about each car are in my signature.

The 2017 Model X (75D) is out of warranty except for the battery/powertrain. It is also considerably less efficient at around 385 Wh/mile vs 245 for the MYLR.

I took the MX to Tesla (SC) for an inspection and they are concerned about the Front Suspension half shafts & links (Lower - Aft - LH/RH & Fore - Lower - Front LH/RH). I've posted that on other forums here. A non-Tesla shop sees nothing wrong with them, but what do they know? I had really hoped to find a non-Tesla (independent) shop that is really good with Tesla, but so far I haven't.

I feel like I'm answering my own question, but additional comments are welcome.

Thank you,
For me, this is an easy one. If you’re more comfortable in the X, get it inspected and take it.

The parts are nothing different than any other German/luxury Japanese car from the last 2 decades. Air struts, CV axles, multi arm front&rear suspension. If the arms (balljoints/bushings) and axles aren't failing, I see no drawbacks.

For suspension arms: Firestone / any German independent shop that does alignments.

Do your front half shafts click or pop when low speed turning or do you have a shudder? There is a ~400$ Service bulletin for both front axles, FDU mounts and associated parts to address this.