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what is best 12v battary for tesla model X

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what is best 12v battary and how many A for tesla model X 90D 2017 :)

and every how many years need to chenge ?

According to the Model X manual, the 12V battery is 33Ah or higher...

There's no definite answer on when to change it as batteries can vary in their discharge rates, life, and so on. From reading the forums, it seems the average change had occurred around every 2 years.
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I would be very interested to hear from people that have installed the Ohmmu battery as I am thinking of getting one. I am particularly interested in anything known about the issue of charging below 0 °C. Does the unit have a heater in it or does it just disable charging when below 0? Also note that LiFePO4 chemistry is generally accepted as having a useful lifetime of > 5 years though these folks limit the warranty to 4 yrs. I don't think Ohmmu has been, in any of its incarnations, around for more than 4 years so I don't expect anyone will have any longevity data.