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When to become neurotic with checking account?

So I configured Thursday and it shows Payment as pending since I chose financing.

What I’d like to know is what are the time frames most went through.
Configure date
Loan app opening date

I’m sure I’m too early in the process to check my account this often. The experience of others would help me breathe and not bother for a few weeks if that’s the typical time period between each step.
Balloon ball.

I ordered the pearl white with aero.
Check out this sheet: Model 3 Invites #3 (Troy: There are a few identical files to avoid overcrowding)
It'll give you some ideas on everything but the loan. The loan process (from reading what others have written can be a day or two to a week once they open it up, which would happen not long after they contact you the first time).

But basically, sit back for 5-7 weeks and wait...then things should start moving a bit, and by 8-11 weeks you should have the car. Best not to expect anything before 6 weeks from config date, and then you won't drive yourself crazy.