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When to buy?

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I plan to purchase a MX long range before the end of the year. Don't need until February but want to get it on our books in 2019. Not super picky about options. Would like to hear from folks with experience or knowledge of when to expect the best 'year end' deals from Tesla.

I'm assuming there will be available inventory. We bought our Model 3 last year in November. Plenty of blue AWD ones at the time.

We're in the Bay area, can pick-up in Fremont.
There are usually some end of quarter incentives. Typically the FUSC hype (which comes back anyways). Q3 incentives were free paint/22" wheels on top of the FUSC.

Prepare for crazy Tesla logistics because if the incentives are good, they're slammed at the delivery center. We put down a deposit on a vehicle, arranged financing, had a delivery date the Friday before end of quarter on Monday. Get a text message Wednesday saying delivery date is postponed, indefinite. Call Tesla to verify why, told new car HV battery is dead, waiting for replacement, cannot guarantee before end of quarter. Corporate says they will not honor incentives if we pickup after Monday. Found another vehicle, a showroom model with $5k off so grabbed this instead. Took delivery that Saturday then had to speak to lender to switch the VINs. Tesla came through but it was pretty crazy for a few days.
Based on recent trends, end of the quarter has been the best time, if you are looking for some sort of incentive. Lifetime unlimited supercharging and free ludicrous mode (for the performance model) is still currently available, so there may not be much more then that end of year, but it is probably worth waiting to see.