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Would 2019 tempest wheels fit a 2014 P85d

I drove over a big pothole and destroyed my two front tires for the 2nd time in a few months and now I'm trying to replace my 21" inch turbine wheels for a Set of Tempest wheels, I found on Facebook but the lug patterns seem to be different, they should be the same, but for some reason Lugs won't line up with the holes, the new wheels are 244/45/19 and 9.5 all around anyone has any ideas on this?



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They should fit, they didn't change the bolt pattern on the model S. (5 x 120) The width of the rim has nothing to do with this.

Did you try putting the lug nuts on and tightening it up? (always in a star pattern). Or do you just think it doesn't look right?

Wait!: if those are 9.5J those are for a model Y, which do have a different bolt pattern: 5 x 114.3
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