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WTB Model S 85kwh under $40k

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Hi all,

Our family car broke down last week - and after driving my friends P100D last summer I vowed never to go ICE again. So now's a good a time as any to make good on that. Unfortunately, a P100D is slightly out of my budget range, but here's what I'm looking for.

Must have:

- location California (I hear imports from other states bring a nasty tax with them...)
- 85kwh battery
- Smart Air Suspension
- Leather seats
- Navigation
- Free (twin) supercharging

Nice to have (in that order):

- P, or even P+ :)
- Glass roof
- Tech Package
- Ultra High Fidelity sound
- Any other options

CPO/warranty is nice, but not must. I'd rather not go over 100k miles.

My budget is $40k absolute max, anything below makes me happier.

My favorite right now is this guy: 2013 Tesla model S P85+ He e-mailed me back, answering some questions, but I haven't heard back in 3 days now. If anybody knows him, send me his contact details :)

Thanks for reading - appreciate any tips/links to posts I might have missed in the "for sale" section.

That P85+ is priced well for the mileage (assuming condition and history check out)

FYI Dual chargers are not related to supercharging.

Supercharging allows for direct DC charging to the battery.

The pre refresh cars come standard with a 40 amp ac to dc converter. The twin changers adds a second to allow for up to 80 amps ac to convert to dc.
The only way to know if there's anything more is to talk to someone. And I do not work for Tesla. Just a fan. My CPO advisor was able to find three cars that were not on the website back in late October. I'm not sure about now but it's always worth and inquiry. Especially if you're ready.;)
True. I actually called the local Tesla store, they said the CPO guy would call me back - but never did. I'll give it another try, nothing to loose.

I am looking in the same sub $40k market and also reached out about CPO, it took about a week to initially hear back and another 3 days after that found one for me for 38k but not all the options I am looking for, it will happen though just give it time.
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Yeah - nothing CPO in that range. That's his answer:

Hi Markus,


We unfortunately never have cars in the $40,000 price range, unfortunately. I’m so sorry. We can keep an eye out over the coming weeks but in looking through all available inventory and upcoming inventory, I don’t have any options that would be available in that price point.