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FSD The latest disaster

I've been testing FSD since Jan 2022. The software improved from Jan 2022 to approx Nov 2022. Since then, it's been one disaster after another, often the newer release fixed a problem created by the prior release. The latest is no exception. Here's a summary of the latest disasters:



The Model 3 inner build and structure exposed!

Exposing and removing the entire body off of a Model 3.

These guys take a Tesla Model 3 completely apart. This gives a lot of insight. You can see what's underneath the skin. You can trace how sound likely travels, and more. This it's a great help troubleshooting problems, chasing boat and vibrati...



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2023 200TW Tire Assessment

Hey All! We got some pretty good exposure to lots of different tires during the Model 3 Challenge, and we put lots of laps on them. Here's my thoughts on where we stand on the current selection. It's also important to note that our cars generally have some fairly unique requirements, as compared to ...


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2017 Model X vs 2023 Model X

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here it is. And it might help somebody that is looking into buying a 2023 X.

2023 Model X vs 2017 Model X
This will not be a power/spec/features comparison, instead I will try to be brief about what caught my attention. I recently upgrade...


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Tesla car design is on the wrong track?

Tesla has been doing so many things right, it pains me to zero in on something pretty basic that I think they've been doing badly, or maybe I should say erratically. I'm referring to vehicle design.

I don't mean styling. All credit to Franz. He's done fantastic work with the basic vehicle concep...


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My first long full day road trip experience

My first "cross country", longer, full day, road trip experience

I just took my longest road trip for me. From Florida to North Carolina and return.

I want to summarize my experience.

I love the car overall and would not want to do that trip in an ICE car. Here's a summary of my experience.



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Hankook iON EVO All season tires with controlled efficiency testing

I installed the 235/45/18 Hankook iON EVO All Season tires on my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance with T Sportline TS5 18x8.5 wheels last week.

I have done a very controlled efficiency test with the tires below. The test is a 25 mile loop around our beltway that starts and stops at the same place. I ...



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2022 Model 3 RWD Review (graduating from a Camry)

2022 Tesla Model 3 RWD review – graduating from a Camry

Ordered and took delivery on a 2022 Tesla Model 3 RWD back when wait times were ungodly. There are a million of these reviews on here, so I’ll try to give a perspective not often discussed.

My prior car: think mid-2010s Honda Accord, T...



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