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new kia at 35k>

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Nov 30, 2017


"Kia-logo" by SUVs, Sedans, Sports Cars, Hybrids, EVs & Luxury Cars | Kia is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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I think Kia has really hit a home run styling wise. Who’s the designer, I wonder? The interior is nicely executed too (though somewhat spare), with its echoes of the exterior theme, and some real buttons. Looking forward to seeing the first one driving around here.
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I’m over lots of buttons. Wipers on the wheel/column. Turn signals too. I want customizable UI. Let me choose what the the two scroll wheel buttons do and what I get to see on the displays to much more than Tesla allows.

Exterior styling… meh. It’s fine I guess. It’s forgettable. That’s probably a good thing for sales. The real question is why would I want that over a model 3 RWD. I assume the M3 will, by 2026, be 35k. Remember you have to lease the Kia to get the tax credit. But if you want to purchase the. Why not a Y?

I’m happy to see competition. Maybe the Bolt will be back by 2026? I’d take it at its old price point and features over the Kia.