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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    My average speed was 62 mph actual which is probably the equivalent of at least 65 mph indicated, but ranged between <20 mph and *** mph, neither of which give good efficiency.
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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    I should have also said the ambient temperature for my trip was 5 C, just to rub it in!
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    Why I believe the Tesla M3 AWD is the only really viable EV

    My experience of my 2019 M3P this week has reinforced why it's so good for long journeys even in winter. I had been staying overnight near Manchester in the Worsley Park Hotel and had to drive home to just south of Oxford (171 miles) leaving the hotel at 5 pm. I was not particularly looking...
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    [UK] 2021.40.x

    Downloaded 40.6 tonight, but App and car showing it's still installing at 100% completion. Hard reset of the car made no difference. The software upgrade seems to be functioning though as able to change the display language to British English.
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    2021 Model 3 Performance 18" Winter Tyres

    I've been using Goodyear Ultragrip Performance winter tyres on 18* TSportline wheels on my M3P for the last two winters without issue. I've probably driven 5k mile in total on these tyres. The differences I have noticed to the Michelin PS4S summer tyres on 20" wheels are a slight tuck in when...
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    Charging issues 36.5.5

    Tried using the app to schedule charging from my Zappi2 last night and it worked fine. The app showed 32A and that what it appears to have charged at. Incidentally my Zappi seems to charge at 8 KW rather than 7.5.
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    Spare rims for winter tyres

    I got a set of 18" wheels for my M3P for winter use nearly two years ago. Because of the uncertainty over fitment of 18" wheels over the larger brake callipers on the performance model, standard Tesla 18" wheel won't fit, I went for proven aftermarket wheels designed for the M3P from the US...
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    Tyre pressure alert this morning - all values the same?

    I don't believe the TPMS is that accurate, at least on my 2019 M3P. I used to note that the tyre pressure reading was lowish, e.g.39, 40 psi, when they start giving a reading within the first couple of miles. However when I checked the pressure with my TUV approved tyre gauge the pressures were...
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    Model Y at Fully Charged Outside

    We spent about 4.5 hours there today. The main advice I would give is try to get there early well before the official start time as the local roads close to the site were overwhelmed today. We aimed to get there for 10am and were about a 1 mile from the entrance at 10 am, but it took another...
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    Tyre pressure reduced due to hot weather?

    Service Menu - RESET TPMS sensors - follow on screen instructions
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    Tyre pressure reduced due to hot weather?

    You need to check the tyre pressures with an accurate gauge when the car hasn’t been driven for at least 2 hours and the tyres are not in direct sunlight. The tyre pressures should then be adjusted to 42 psi or your chosen pressure. Then do a reset of the TPMS and go for a drive. The car should...
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    After market headlights

    I have recently adjusted mine as oncoming motorists started flashing their lights at me. I used my garage doors to check the relative positions of the headlights which showed the the offside light was pointing high. I readjusted it slightly lower than the nearside light. This seemed to work...
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    Octopus Go random Billing

    Tell me about it! For the last year I have appeared to build up a large credit as they only billed me for gas usage and ignored the electricity smart meter readings. Then a few days ago my account was updated in one go to include all of the electricity for the last year, so I appear to owe...
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    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    I am on Go with a Smart electricity meter since October 2019. However, their billing is not very "smart"! I have just noticed that although Octopus presumably take automatic electricity meter readings, they did not bill me for any electricity in 2020. Instead they have this month billed me all...
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    Tesla locking loaner cars in chill mode?

    Loose front passenger seat due to cross threaded bolt and bracket on the floor plate. Tesla say the car is unsafe in current state if involved in an accident, but that's only if the seat is occupied. It needs a new bracket welding to the floor plate, which means dropping the battery and...

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