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    Cali ARB HOV Listing

    It does matter. Just picked up this 2012 CPO which has been in Florida. I’ll use remainder of this year plus 3 years after on HOV Lane.
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    Cali ARB HOV Listing

    CARB doesn’t list the 2012 MS as eligible for California clean air program. It does say Tesla S2 and S3 for 2012. What are those?
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    Types of Audio

    i have UltraHighFidelity Audio System, is that the same as Studio Sound? I have a 2013 Sig w Subwoofer in right rear of trunk. Also, did a recent update change the range to 8? I think I had 12 previously.
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    Elon Sleeping at Factory According to the News

    What exactly needs to be done to increase production?
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    Camber Kit

    Any info on good camber kits for the MS? I have a Sig 85 from CPO acquired Feb 2018 and have only put 1K miles on it. I can see with the naked eye that the rear will wear on the insides especially the rears. Are there built in adjustments? Do I need to install something a camber kit? Does...
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    How can I add OEM cup holders on the rear seat of my Signature S?

    Thanks Axiom! That's what I thought. For the evamped, can you still seat 3 in the back? Thanks!
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    How can I add OEM cup holders on the rear seat of my Signature S?

    I want to add rear cup holders? Can I add without buying the whole $1250 part? I love the open front tray. Thanks!
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    WTB - 19” OEM wheel and tire.

    Looking for one only; not 4
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    2012 Model S Signature Cars

    I have a 12 pearl Sig #s00743 with white leather and rear facing seats! Love it!
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    WTB - 19” OEM wheel and tire.

    TPMS or center caps not necessary. Looking for one. Any style is ok. Thanks!
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    TPMS Question

    Hi, I have a 2012 Sig. when I get in, I have dashes and get tire pressure on all 4 tires displayed as I drive. How do I tell which frequency I have? Does the Continental TPMS upgrade display psi right when you get in? What frequency is the upgraded one?
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    Owner’s Manual

    Did you get one when you picked up your car? I have a 2012 Signature. I know they email it as a pdf. Every non-Tesla car I have bought has had one I picked up a CPO
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    Model S All Weather Tesla Floormats

    I have an order number but don’t know who to call. BTW, they did not email as stated on the conf email that they would when they were sending package
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    Model S All Weather Tesla Floormats

    i know they’re from Weathertech. Are the Tesla branded ones from the Tesla parts store backordered? I ordered two weeks ago. Frunk and Rear facing footwell came in, but not the main cabin ones. I have a Model S 2012 Sig