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    Charging cable stuck in public EV point - happened to you?

    Wow didn't know this. I use SourceLondon but fortunately I have always tapped my card before disconnecting anything.
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    Company car - lease company and account holder?

    It does depend on the lease company though. I'm with Lex Autolease (via 1st Choice Vehicle Finance), and the car appeared in my Telsa account the day after I signed the lease contract. Not that it benefited me at all, it doesn't give you any more info on when the car will arrive.
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    SR+ Ordered!

    I don't know if its the same with PCP but with contract hire you can do what's called an 'Informal extension', where you basically extend the lease for up to 3 months. It's super easy to do, you don't need to sign any new contracts or anything, and all the monthly payments and maintinance...
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    Model 3 accident repair costs

    Here is damage to the same area on my car (some genius reversed into my car while it was parked): I was quoted £1,800 + VAT to repair that, at a Tesla approved bodyshop. And It's just damage to the bumper and panel, not to the brake light enclosure. Will be covered by my insurance though, the...
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    Tesla app not accepting my address for mobile service

    The address finder in the app is terrible. It only allows you to proceed if it can find and confirm the address in the Tesla list of addresses. Problem is, the list of addresses seems to be either really badly indexed, or not a full list of UK addresses. If you want to book it into a service...
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    New superchargers at Park Royal

    I was there a few weeks ago, my SR+ maxed out at 100kw I thought the SR+ was going to get a charge speed increase to 175kw?
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    Outside the Tesla charging nerwork

    Public charging is a minefield. Those of you who have the ability to charge at home are very lucky. Yesterday I had a VERY close call. Was driving around Nort West London for work. Couldn't find a charger that wasn't either in use by an e-taxi or broken. Ended up limping to the Canary Warf...
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    Excess mileage - third party lease only

    Lex Autolease here as well, mine is 15.6p per mile. I'm absolutely smashing through my milage allowance already, so am going to re-negotiate my yearly allowance. Lex will allow renegotiation after 6 months.
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    Spare Wheel?

    Does the space saver fit in the bottom compartment in the boot (under the flap)? Might buy one of these space savers if you say they are good. Nothing worse than being stranded with a flat.
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    Bad news and a bit of good news

    Honestly insurance is such a con. All that talk of 'We protect your no claims if you're in an accident that's not your fault' is such a load of sales-hype nonsesne. Your premium will still go up regardles and any money they would have given you off relating to no claims bonuses they just dump...
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    Kids in Car

    I have three kids - five year old and twin three year olds. I love the Model 3 for kids, it's brilliant. The accesability is good. Since there's no central pillar on the floor in the back (since the hand brake is electronic), it's easy for them to get in and out and move from side to side in...
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    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    I vote no water on the sponge. [/SAVAGE]
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    PIN to drive

    I don't think people can intercept the Bluetooth signal like they can with a normal car fob. It's far more secure I believe. I always have PIN to drive set. While its a very minor inconvinence to enter it every time I want to drive, i'd much rather that than someone driving off with the car if...
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    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    Thanks for this info. Just ordered this protector kit.

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